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Element Materials Technology Huntsville Nuclear - Testing and Engineering

Element is the primary supplier of safety-related testing services and equipment, engineering, research and consulting services to utilities and power plant equipment manufacturers throughout the world. We are the United States’ leading safety relief valve re-certification service organization, the premier source of on-site Snubber inspection, testing and repair services and one of the largest suppliers of safety-related spare parts.

Perhaps no other company is richer in nuclear experience, knowledge and dedication than Element. As members of (and direct participants) in industry task groups, Element maintains a clear edge in the industry. We are involved in developing standards, guidelines and resolution of key NRC questions about critical characteristics verification, sampling, traceability, surveys and like-for-like replacements.

Our credentials as a nuclear qualification testing laboratory are simply unmatched. In more than four decades of nuclear testing and qualification experience, Element has qualified more equipment than any other company in the industry. Our nuclear staff meets ANSI N45.2.6 Level II Inspector requirements, and our nuclear dedication programs are tailored to each application and nuclear safety related product. Element also provides technical evaluations, critical characteristics and safety class determinations.

Nuclear utilities and suppliers around the world rely on Element for proactive customer service and a full range of engineered services.

Under our NUPIC and NIAC audited 10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1 quality program, Element offers:

Safety Relief Valve Testing: ASME Code verification, set pressure, seat leakage and operability and steam/water/air
• Valve Qualification: QME1, hot and cold cycle testing, flow interruption testing, steam/hot water and modal testing
• Equipment Qualification Testing: Functional testing, thermal aging, cycle aging, seismic event simulation and accident (LOCA) simulation
• Third-party Qualification/Commercial Grade Dedication: Dedicated parts inventory
• Custom Fluid Components Testing: Heat exchangers, pumps, strainers/debris and jet impingement
• Equipment Qualification Services: Failure analysis, thermal and radiation analysis, and qualification plan development
• Snubber Testing: Snubber removal and re-installation, visual inspection, on-site and in-house functional testing, plus on-site and in-hour repair
• Strain Gage Installation: Strain gage electrical preparation and strain gage installation to monitor vibration for power-up rate activities

Element Materials Technology Huntsville - Center of Excellence

In square footage, capabilities, testing equipment and proven skills and sheer experience, the Element Materials Technology Huntsville Nuclear Center of Excellence is tough to beat. In accordance with 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and ANSI N45.2 under our NUPIC-, NIAC- and NRC-audited quality program, the following services are available at our 220,000 square-foot facility:

• Field services testing
• Equipment qualification
• Commercial grade dedication
• Engineering
• Component supply
• Field services

Qualification, Test and Outage Equipment Includes:

• Four Seismic Simulators
• Six Accident Test Autoclaves
• One 150 psi, 3,000 lbs. per hour boiler
• 300KW Steam Super Heater System
• One Boron Chemical Spray Injection System
• Five EMI Test Rooms
• Eight Wyle-Designed Small Bore Snubber Test Machines
• Three Large Bore Snubber Test Machines
• Nine Mobile Field Snubber Trailers
• Eight Strain Gage Welding Machines
• One Mobile Field Strain Gage Trailer

Safety Relief Valve Testing Equipment Includes:

• Three Safety Relief Valve Test Cells for Steam, Water and Air
• Full Flow Steam Test System to 2,000,000 lbs. per Hour Max and 1400 PSI Max
• Full Flow Hot Water Test System 2200 PSI
• Hot Water Closed Loop Flow System 30,000 Gallons
• Cold Water Closed Flow Loop System 60,000 Gallons
• Two 3,000 PSI, 6,000 lb. per Hour Boilers
• One 1,500 PSI, 12,000 lb. per Hour Boiler

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