Element has one of the largest and most complete set of product qualification testing capabilities and services in the world, that is at the forefront of testing and qualifying new product innovations in the Aerospace, Construction, Consumer Product, Defense, Digital Engineering, Energy, Life Sciences, Transportation, and Telecommunications industry sectors.

Product Qualification Testing (PQT) expertise

From major components and systems within the next generation of aircraft & spacecraft; the latest product innovations within the emerging Autonomous Vehicles sector; the smallest medical implants used within the human body and the latest digital and wireless communications devices, Element works in partnership with its customers at the forefront of their R&D activities.


PQT key service areas

  • Advice: We ensure that you have a sound testing programme that will save you time and money, ensure faster time to market, and deliver better products whilst minimizing risk throughout the lifecycle of your product. With Element, you have the knowledge and insight to overcome even the most complex of project challenges and achieve first-time success.
  • Testing: Element’s leading engineering simulation and testing facilities in North and South America, Europe and Asia replicate the electromagnetic, climatic and mechanical conditions that will be encountered in a product’s working life
  • Certification: Our international certification program helps you understand the requirements of your target market, identify what standards and tests are required, and compile the technical documentation needed to apply for certification
  • Market access: Our approvals team use our accredited test reports and in-country authorities to give you fast global market access to virtually any territory in the world.


Element advantage in product qualification testing

Our engaged experts support you throughout your product lifecycle. Element exists to help make certain that the materials and products we test and certify for our customers are always safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose.

Smart experts for smart technology

Element Product Qualification Testing Services
Matter Smart Home Standard
new service

Matter Smart Home Standard

Element are one of the few test laboratories globally who can provide pre-testing and, when released, will provide formal testing to the new Matter smart home standards to enable manufacturers to gain certification through the CSA. Visit our service page for further information on the Matter smart home standard.

Featured services

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EMC Testing Services

Find out how Element delivers electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC) solutions to RTCA/DO-160, MIL-STD-461 and Def-Stan 59-411 standards.

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Radio Testing

Radio Testing

We can help with EMC and safety testing and assist manufacturers who want to take their radio and wireless product to the global market

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Product Safety Testing card 640x480

Product Safety Testing

Element is the ideal partner to help electrical device manufacturers, importers and distributors obtain the fast and efficient product safety testing and certification needed to trade their products worldwide.

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RTCA DO-160 Testing

Working with Element, our clients enjoy access to the most comprehensive EMC and environmental testing capacity of any independent Aerospace product qualification testing company in the world.

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Fuel Systems Testing

Fuel Systems

Find out how Element's comprehensive fuel system testing programs simulate in-service conditions at our world-class testing facilities.

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ATEX Certification & Testing

Explosive Atmospheres Testing

Find out how Element works with airplane manufacturers to produce and design equipment that can operate in fuel-air explosive atmospheres.

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Combined Temperature Altitude Humidity and Vibration Testing 640 x 480

Environmental Simulation

Find out how Element provides combined altitude, humidity, temperature and vibration test to simulate real-world environmental conditions for the Aerospace sector.

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Structural Dynamics Testing

Find out more about Element’s structural dynamics testing services, which provide reliable, consistent data to the world’s most critical industries. From aerospace to construction, we help ensure that your products are fit for use, no matter what the application. 

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Vibration Testing Equipment

Vibration Testing

Find out how Element's vibration testing services help to make certain that the products we test for our customers will perform safely and as expected when in the field.

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