Element offers pre-certification to the Matter smart home standard. Our experts are one of the few test and certification laboratories globally to offer guidance and testing.

Matter is a new technology, focused around standardizing a unified approach to connecting smart home devices. The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formally the ZigBee Alliance, in conjunction with large smart home device manufacturers are driving this development to create a world where you will be able to purchase a smart device, and be confident, after seeing the Matter logo, that it will work seamlessly within your home network ecosystem.


What is the new Matter smart home certification?

As a result of this, a new standard has been developed, the plans of which aim to provide user-confidence that a Matter Smart Home product can universally communicate with other Matter-enabled products. The vision is to have a stable home ecosystem which is made up of devices which use different wireless network protocols such as Wi-Fi and Thread. To facilitate this, we must have a unified standard with which smart products will connect and operate. Following successful testing of this standard, manufacturers will be able to apply for certification with the CSA. 

As an Authorized Test Laboratory for the CSA, Element can help with both your pre-certification, and full compliance requirements. With more than a decade assisting our clients in gaining certification with the CSA, manufacturers can have the assurance that their product will be tested at the highest quality and integrity.


What devices are subject to Matter certification?

Currently there are a range of devices that will require testing to the new Matter Smart Home Standard, these include, but are not limited to:
  • Lights
  • Sensors
  • Home appliances

Matter smart home standard release date

The formal date for release of the new standard is yet to be announced, however it is expected towards the end of 2022, please keep an eye on our website or the CSA site for further information. 


The Element advantage

Element are one of the few test laboratories globally who can provide pre-testing and, when released, will provide formal testing to the new Matter smart home standards to enable manufacturers to gain certification through the CSA.

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