Element offers ATEX Certification as a European Notified Body (NB) for the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Our breadth of technical expertise will help you meet all the mandatory and voluntary testing, factory inspection, document storage and certification requirements you need in order to use the CE Mark and distinctive European Hexagon Mark. 

ATEX Certification is the product regulation that supports health and safety of persons working in or near to potentially explosive atmospheres such as those found in the petrochemical industries, underground mining or in food production. ATEX Certification enables you to distribute your hazardous location products within the European Union. 

ATEX Directive Certification Services

Element is a European Notified Body (NB) for ATEX EU Type Certification, and can help with product testing and assessment, along with factory inspections (to ISO 80079-34) and storage of ATEX technical files. Element can offer design reviews at each stage during a manufacturers R&D process which can prove invaluable for time to market (product launch).


IECEx certification is a voluntary scheme based on compliance with IEC standards whereas ATEX is a mandatory scheme based upon compliance with specified essential requirements. In many cases, the compliance route using IEC and EN standards provides a common path to ATEX and IECEx certification with little duplication of effort.

We can assist with the key standards for ATEX certification and testing of electrical equipment including:

  • EN 60079-0 – General Requirements
  • EN 60079-1 - Flameproof equipment
  • EN 60079-2 - Pressurised equipment
  • EN 60079-6 - Liquid immersion
  • EN 60079-7 - Increased safety
  • EN 60079-11 -  Intrinsically safe equipment
  • EN 60079-13 - Pressurised room
  • EN 60079-15 - Non-incendive equipment
  • EN 60079-18 - Encapsulation
  • EN 60079-28 - Optical
  • EN 60079-31 - Dust protected equipment

We can support you with testing for mechanical equipment, including ATEX certification to the following key standards:

  • ISO 80079-36 - General requirements (replaces EN 13463 series)
  • ISO 80079-37 - Protection by construction 
Additional Services beyond the ATEX Directive

Element Materials Technology is a UKAS and A2LA accredited test laboratory for EMC testing, Radio/Wireless testing, Safety testing, and Environmental testing; we can support your qualification and certification requirements to successfully CE Mark your products for the EU Market. 

To learn more about explosive atmosphere testing or ATEX certification, contact us with your specification and requirements. 

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