Delivering sustainable growth and strong financial performance responsibly

Element’s approach to corporate responsibility is incorporated into our business decision-making and is based on a framework that identifies and addresses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters. In 2018, we developed a Corporate Responsibility policy that confirms our commitment to integrate an ESG framework into our business practices and to demonstrate our application of regulatory best practices consistently across all jurisdictions we work in.

We also recognize the importance of continuously developing our ESG framework; we achieve this through established internal processes, oversight and reporting so that corporate responsibility is reviewed and discussed at Executive and Board level. Through this approach we seek to ensure that we conduct business in a way which is consistent with our values whilst delivering sustainable growth and strong financial performance.





  • We are committed to conducting our activities in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • We are responsible local partners who actively manage any impact our operations have on local communities.
  • We are committed to continuously improve the tracking of key metrics that will demonstrate our environmental commitments.


  • We work to reduce any negative impacts of the Group’s operations on the environment.
  • Systems and processes are implemented through the SHE program to drive strong SHE culture and help ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements.
  • Environmental audits are conducted across Element locations, demonstrating compliance with local environmental regulations at site level.
  • Policies are in place to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, appropriate to the countries in which we work.



  • We are defined by our people and are committed to supporting all colleagues across the Group through programs which keep them safe, healthy, engaged, recognized and rewarded.
  • Safety is our number one value and we are committed to conducting our work in a socially responsible and sustainable manner that protects the health and safety of all colleagues, visitors and the communities in which we operate.
  • We are committed to implementing effective systems and controls to protect our employees and to create a safe and supportive working environment.


  • We operate an established safety, health and environmental (SHE) program which supports the delivery of business objectives while ensuring the safety and well-being of all our people, visitors and locations
  • We run global initiatives to ensure that everyone understands the desired SHE culture in the organization; in turn this helps us work towards having an injury and incident-free workplace.
  • Safety Improvement Week is held annually – a focused programme with all sites challenged to further improve safety at their location.
  • Our Group-wide SHE system has a strong focus on workplace safety and is supported by the roll out of 5S and Group-wide deployment of accountability based on daily safety, quality, delivery and cost meetings.
  • We ensure colleagues are treated fairly and equally. Our Diversity and Inclusion policy, in conjunction with a range of associated programs, ensures we are delivering a respectful and engaging workplace that creates opportunities for all.
  • Performance management processes and employee recognition programs mean that colleagues know what is expected and that they are recognised for their performance.
  • The Element excellence awards operate continuously and reward colleagues who go the extra mile; the biannual CEO awards champion collaboration across our laboratory network.
  • Our Modern Slavery policy defines our approach to the risks associated with slavery issues.
  • Our Supplier Code of Conduct makes it clear to subcontractors, consultants and suppliers that they must also maintain effective systems and controls.




  • Our commitment to integrity ensures that consistently high standards are maintained across the Group.
  • We have the necessary governance and organizational structures in place to provide appropriate levels of oversight in audits, risk management and potential conflicts of interest.


  • Our Group Internal Audit Director leads a dedicated internal audit function, providing independent review and governance of our operations.
  • We have established policies – from anti-bribery and corruption to trade compliance and whistleblowing – that underpin our values and reflect our commitment to conducting business with honesty and integrity wherever we operate.
  • Our whistleblowing service is confidential and managed by a specialist third party provider, giving colleagues the opportunity to raise concerns relating to health and safety, labor practices, unethical conduct, environmental concerns and other matters.
  • Whistleblowing reports are always investigated and outcomes reviewed by senior management and the Audit Committee.

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