With Element Certified water and soil testing kits for Canada and the US, the testing expertise you trust from Element is now available for your home or small farm. Save time and money by ordering online or visiting our Vancouver lab. 

How our kits help you

Whether you seek peace of mind or need answers to a change in your water quality, our water testing kits are here to help.

If you want greener grass or a better yield from your garden or crops, our soil testing kits give you the data you need to make it happen.

How to order

There are two ways you can order, if you're in Canada or the United States: 

  1. Order online at elementcertified.com and receive your kit by mail. Ship your sample back to us with included postage.
  2. Order in-store at our Vancouver, BC lab and we'll walk you through our quick new electronic checkout process.

3 easy steps to get started with soil and water testing kits at home: order online, take your samples, and check your email to see your data

Get started by clicking the orange button to visit our home testing kit website.