Element provides full water testing capabilities for drinking water, ground and surface water, industrial water and wastewater testing throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa. We provide the analytical results and required accreditation for testing drinking water systems, site remediation, studies, routine monitoring, or individual projects.

Water testing is an essential element of public and environmental safety and a requirement bound by stringent regulatory conditions. By undertaking water analysis, you can minimize risk and the potentially damaging impact, not only on public health but also on the environment.

We support you with testing, analysis, and risk management services to help you meet legal and regulatory responsibilities and ensure that tests are to budget, right first time, and results are produced as quickly as possible.


Our water testing laboratory services

Employing a stringent quality system, our water testing laboratories offer complete solutions for potable water distribution to ensure the quality of water for public safety. 

We support wastewater facilities requiring regulatory approval by testing their water either in its raw form or after treatment to bring peace of mind that wastewater discharge meets the required guidelines and is not contributing to environmental contamination.   

Agricultural waters are tested for livestock consumption safety, contamination, and also from herbicides or pesticides as well as irrigation suitability. 

Our water testing services extend to ground waters and surface waters. We test them for contamination, either as routine monitoring for landfills or up-stream, midstream, and downstream energy production. We also provide proactive solutions that prevent the destructive influences of corrosion with our analysis of chemical parameters and contaminants from waters effect on your assets.


Our water analysis methods

Analysis methods are based on well-established, internationally-recognized procedures such as those published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the American Public Health Association (APHA).

Our Singapore and Malaysia water testing laboratories provide various water testing, including detection of water contamination by undesirable chemicals and microbiological agents. We test according to the required regulations, like wastewater testing (trade effluent) according to NEA/PUB requirements, drinking water/potable water testing according to PUB requirements, and also swimming pool water testing according to NEA requirements. They also have expertise in detecting contamination in NEWater - the highly treated reclaimed wastewater specific to Singapore's Public Utilities Board.

With laboratories throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa, we are able to test to the applicable methods and standards to meet regulatory compliance.


The Element advantage

In a sea of regulations, Element’s experts are on hand to help you navigate the path to compliance, and discuss and develop tailored monitoring and water analysis programs that meet your precise needs. We actively assist with detailed analysis, provide sample containers, and provide guideline reporting.

Our scientists are experienced across a range of analytical laboratory services and are adept at applying advanced technology to deliver accurate, reliable results that help you meet all relevant regulations for your industry. 

To learn more about our water analysis services, or to speak to one of our experts, contact us today. 

Our Water Analysis Services

We offer comprehensive testing for all types of water. 

Chemical Analysis of Water 640x480

Water Chemistry Testing

Element tests for chemical components of drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, and seawater to ensure it is safe, compliant and the environment is protected.

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Drinking Water Properties 640x480

Physical & Chemical Properties of Water

Our experts assess the physical and chemical properties of water quality to determine if it is safe for people and the environment.

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PFAS Testing

PFAS Testing

Find out how PFOS and PFOA testing with Element's experienced technicians can ensure that you remain compliant with regulatory standards protecting human health and the environment.

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Wastewater Testing 640x480

Wastewater Testing & Analysis

Element is your trusted partner for specialist water distribution services and wastewater analysis, providing quality and accurate results that help you meet regulatory requirements.

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Drinking Water Analysis 640x480

Drinking Water Analysis

Element’s experts conduct routine drinking water testing and analysis using our state-of-the-art equipment to provide fast and accurate results for environmental consultants, municipalities, and private businesses.

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Organics Testing in Water 640x480

Organics Testing in Water

Element’s ecological experts perform analysis of water for organic compounds, to help environmental consultants test surface water and oilfield sites for organics in water.

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Hydrocarbon Testing

Hydrocarbon Testing

Element performs hydrocarbon testing and analysis for environmental consultants, the energy market, and municipalities to analyze the concentrations of hydrocarbon compounds and make certain it meets regulatory guidelines.

Marine Sediments Analysis

Marine Sediment Analysis

We offer fully accredited marine sediment analysis for offshore surveys to help you comply with environmental legislation during engineering and dredging operations.

Two kids with glasses of drinking water tested with at-home testing kits from Element

Water Testing Kits for the Home

Whether you seek peace of mind or need answers to a change in your water quality, our water testing kits are here to help.


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