Element conducts environmental, drinking, and industrial water chemistry analysis to identify and quantify the chemical components and properties of water samples.

We work alongside and partner with environmental consultants and industries to ensure water chemistry is in line with regulatory requirements, guidelines, and to ensure that the water is safe and the environment is protected.

The chemical analysis of water provides insight into the health and workings of lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater. It also shows the limits of a waterbody's ability to take in some level of pollution without harming the water system, its aquatic plants and animals, and humans who may use the water.

Water chemistry analysis methods

Analytical methods routinely used can detect and measure natural elements and their inorganic compounds and an extensive range of organic chemical species using techniques such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, Ion chromatography, Inductively coupled plasma spectrophotometry and automated colorimetry. In water treatment plants producing drinking water and in some industrial processes using products with distinctive taste and odors, specialized organoleptic methods may be used to detect smells at low concentrations.

Water can be analyzed using different techniques:

  1. Colorimetric - is used to find the concentration of a chemical element in a solution with the aid of a color reagent. It applies to both organic compounds and inorganic compounds.
  2. Titrometric - is a technique where a solution of known concentration is used to determine the level of an unknown solution.
  3. Electronic devices – including digital meters, colorimeters, and photometers are available as electronic devices for water testing. 

Element's state-of-the-art laboratories use an extensive range of water chemistry analysis methods to ensure drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, and seawater is safe for people, animals, and the environment. Please get in touch with our water testing experts if you would like a chemical analysis of your water sample. 

Common chemicals detected in water include:

  • Chlorine
  • PH
  • Temperature
  • Iron
  • Fluoride
  • Turbidity
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Trace metals
  • Organic compounds

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