As demand for energy consumption continues to increase across the globe, maintaining current power plants to ensure continuous service and extending the working life of the infrastructure assets is a growing priority and concern for many communities and governments. 

Element has been providing materials and components testing services to the power generation sector for decades and have developed a thorough understanding of the materials, components, operating environments and failure mechanisms that are normally associated with the equipment used across the sector. We truly understand the unique requirements of the power generation sector from electrical power, nuclear power, gas power, hydro electric power, wind power, solar energy and more.

We provide testing and evaluation services to all members of the power generation supply chain, including power generation companies; materials, components and systems manufacturers and plays an important role in inspecting materials that go into both existing and new sites; analyzing parts that need repairing or that fail in service.  

The range of services we provide to the Power Generation sector include:

  • Full characterization of material properties
  • Component specification testing
  • Turbine component failure analysis
  • Foreign material identification
  • Casting and coating evaluations
  • Testing per ASTM or OEM specifications
  • First-piece or pilot qualification testing Electrical testing
  • Weld and braze evaluations/operator certification
  • Failure analysis of in-service components
  • Reverse engineering for obsolete parts.

Element makes certain that the materials and products we test, inspect and certify for our customers are compliant, safe and fit for purpose to improve the reliability of their refining and production and assets, minimizing unplanned shutdowns and maximizing potential throughput, while at the same time minimizing the environmental impact from their refining activities.

Our services

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Materials Testing

Materials Testing

Find out more about Element's comprehensive ranges of materials testing services available in the TIC sector, covering materials selection, application and performance testing as well as failure analysis testing services.

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Materials characterization and testing 640x480

Materials Characterization

Find out how Element helps its customers to characterize, evaluate, select and apply metals, polymers, rubbers and elastomers in their end products and applications.

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Mechanical Testing 640 x 480

Mechanical Testing

Element's mechanical tests show whether a material or part is suitable for its intended mechanical applications.

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Bending Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Testing

Find out how Element's fatigue testing labs help companies meet quality requirements and create safer, stronger, more successful parts and products.

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Fatigue Crack Growth Testing

Fracture Mechanics

Find out how Elements fracture mechanics services support the Oil and Gas Upstream sector

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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Find out how Element's global team of failure analysis experts learn from the past, to help prevent failures in service. 

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Weld Testing Services

Weld Testing

Our team includes Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), Certified Welding Engineers (CWEng), and industry-dedicated technical staff to assist with projects across sectors and applications.

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Steel Catenary Risers Fatigue Testing

Weld Fatigue Testing of Steel Catenary Risers

Element’s full-scale pipeline testing facility performs testing on steel catenary risers in our laboratory and on-site at the point of fabrication.


Welding Inspection & Monitoring

Element offers CSWIP, PCN and CWI welding specialists' expertise to provide a comprehensive range of welding inspection and monitoring services.

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Weld Procedure/Welder Qualification & Certification 

Element provides WPQ, WPQR, WPS, and WQC services to help you achieve welder qualifications and certifications as per requested codes and standards.

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NDT Field Services

NDT Field Services

When employed at critical stages of the manufacturing or fabrication process, our NDE technicians work in the field to optimize production and ensure the quality of your finished product.

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Chemical Analysis

Find out how Element's chemistry teams work with our customers to identify the contents, composition and quality of materials they develop and manufacture.

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Calibration services


Element is a leading provider of metrology services, with over 70 years’ experience in delivering a  complete range of measurement technology and calibration services to a diverse range of industry sectors.

Environmental Compliance Testing

Environmental Compliance

Find out how Element uses its Bioassay, Exploration & Production (E&P) Waste and Site Evaluation & Remediation capabilities to help the Oil & Gas sector meet its environmental compliance responsibilities.

water testing laboratories 640x480

Water Testing Services

Our water testing laboratories provide analyses for drinking water, groundwaters, surface waters, and wastewater, to help you meet environmental regulations.

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality

Find out how our ambient air quality testing solutions help our customers to systematically measure the pollutant levels of their operations and minimize their impact on the environment.