Air pollution is a major environmental and health concern that affects the global population. Strict regulations for air quality testing, both indoor and outdoor, protect public health by maintaining or improving air safety. We partner with customers across multiple sectors to ensure all aspects of your air quality are compliant with legislation covering both human health aspects and environmental impacts.

Our team is ready to help you reach compliance, by providing a broad spectrum of air quality testing services. If you have any questions about outdoor or indoor air quality testing, or how we can assist with the analysis of gases, vapors, emissions, ambient air and ultra-low VOCs, please contact an expert today.


The Element advantage

Element offers ISO 17025 UKAS-MCERTS accredited field-based solutions and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory analysis throughout the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East, and South Africa. We are equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment and staffed by a global community of technical experts ready to assist you in achieving environmental compliance and health & safety compliance for air quality.

  • HSG173 Monitoring strategies for toxic substances
  • MDHS 14/4 general methods for sampling and gravimetric analysis of respirable, thoracic, and inhalable aerosols.
  • MDHS 102 Aldehydes in Air 
  • MDHS 104 Volatile organic compounds
  • BS EN ISO 16000-4: 2004 Diffusive sampling and formaldehyde in air
  • EN ISO 16000-6: 2011 VOCs in air by active sampling
  • BS EN 16017-2: 2003 VOCs – indoor, ambient and workplace air by passive sampling
  • BS EN ISO 16000-3: 2001 formaldehyde and other carbonyls in air by pumped sampling
  • CEN/TS 17021
  • EN 1911
  • EN 12619
  • EN 13211
  • EN 13284-1 with MDHS 84
  • EN 13725
  • EN 14789
  • EN 14790
  • EN 14791
  • EN 14792
  • EN 15058
  • EN 15259
  • EN 16911-1
  • EN 1948
  • EN 1948:4
  • EN 14385
  • EN ISO 21258
  • EN ISO 23210
  • EN ISO 13833
  • VDI 4257
  • ISO 11338
  • ISO 12039
  • ISO 15713
  • TGN M22 (flexible scope)
  • PD CEN/TS 13649
  • US EPA Method 7D
  • US EPA Method 11
  • US EPA Method 316
  • US EPA Method 26/26A
  • US EPA CTM 36
  • US EPA CTM 033

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