Element offers environmental compliance services throughout energy from waste plants to make certain that our customers comply with environmental permits, employees remain safe and local environments are not contaminated.

What is energy from waste? 

An energy from waste (EfW), also known as waste to energy (WtE) incinerates domestic waste to generate energy in the form of electricity and/or heat.


Total environmental compliance

Element provides end-to-end services to support EfW operators with all environmental and pollution control measures. Our UKAS-MCERTS accredited stack emissions monitoring, Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory analysis mean that we are your one-stop-shop for total environmental compliance.

In fact, we conduct more testing of this kind on EfW sites across the UK, Ireland, and Europe than anyone other supplier.  Our proven track record, high safety standards, technical expertise, and network of local engineers  mean there is no one better placed to support you.


Element in energy from waste

Watch our video to discover how Element is supporting waste plant operators from site commissioning to emissions testing, process monitoring, and the analysis of soil, ash, and water.

Our experts provide trusted testing solutions for every part of the energy-from-waste process.

Energy from waste plant permits

Regulation of waste incineration is covered by EU legislation, principally the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010.  An environmental permit will set strict conditions which limit the discharge to air, water, and soil of specified substances.


Energy from waste plant services

Our team is ready to help you achieve compliance, minimize risks and improve environmental sustainability by providing a broad spectrum of services including onsite stack emissions monitoring, residence time verification, ambient air quality, occupational hygiene, and the laboratory analysis of ash, water and soil including VOC, and dioxins & furans. We work alongside operators to comply with environmental permits and ultimately protect human health and our earth.


The Element advantage

Element offers environmental testing solutions throughout the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East, and South Africa. We are equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment and staffed by a global community of technical experts ready to assist you in achieving environmental and health & safety compliance. Contact our experts today.

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Stack Emissions Testing

Stack Emissions Testing

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Emissions Residence Time Verification

Residence Time Verification

Find out more about our Residence Time services, offering verification of two seconds residence time within secondary combustion chambers for waste incinerators.

Acoustic Camera Survey

Environmental Impact Assessments

Element’s industry experts provide environmental impact assessments for air quality, noise, and vibration, which must be closely considered through the planning process.


Noise Assessments

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Ambient Air Quality Modelling and Dispersion

Ambient Air Quality

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Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS)

Dioxins and Furans Testing

Element offers the analysis of Dioxins and Furans, PCBs, and PAHs in stack emission samples, ash, water, and soil.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing and Analysis

VOC Testing

Element provides testing for a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds in drinking water, groundwater, surface water, soil, and waste.

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Bioaerosols Monitoring

Bioaerosols Monitoring

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