Element offers UKAS/MCERTS accreditation for the sampling of bioaerosols (biological aerosols) from stack emissions, in accordance with VDI 4257 Part 2, as required by the Environment Agency’s Technical Guidance Note M2.

Isokinetic sampling requires extraction from the stack gas itself into a specially prepared sterilized solution, which is then plated and stored under ideal conditions, allowing the living organisms to survive and form colonies. After a predetermined period, our experts count the biological colonies for bioaerosols, such as total fungi, total bacteria, and mycotoxins. Technicians can then calculate a concentration from the volume of gas sampled.

Our bioaerosols monitoring includes testing for endotoxins, yeasts, molds, bacteria, and fungus, including Aspergillus Fumigatus, which mainly arises from biological processes, e.g., waste recycling industry and material recovery facilities (MRF).

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Ambient Bioaerosol Boundary Monitoring

Element has the expertise and industry experience needed to carry out ambient bioaerosol monitoring in accordance with the UK Environment Agency’s Guidance and Industry Standard Protocol on the evaluation of bioaerosol risk assessments.

Element takes all measurements in accordance with parameters specified in the ‘Technical Guidance Note (Monitoring) M9: Environmental Monitoring of Bioaerosols at Regulated Facilities‘.

Workplace Bioaerosol Monitoring

It is important to assess operator exposure to bioaerosols in locations where the risk is high, such as composting and waste facilities. Testing diverse industry sectors has given us the expertise to monitor personal exposure to bioaerosols, specifically to Endotoxins, assess current control measures, and provide detailed recommendations for any required improvements to control.

Indoor Bioaerosol Monitoring

In addition to bioaerosols monitoring in industrial facilities, we can also undertake bioaerosol monitoring in office and commercial environments were there maybe instances of ill health potentially attributable to suspected mold or fungal contamination. This indoor air quality assessment is critical to the health, comfort, and wellbeing of occupants.

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