Air quality, noise, and vibration are significant environmental impact issues and must be closely considered through the planning process. Whether developing a new site or changing the use of an existing one, you will want to show to the local authority that your development sits within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). 

 Element’s industry experts provide local and highly responsive environmental impact assessments. All our air quality, noise, and vibration testing services are performed following the relevant and required national legislation and international standards. 

Air quality testing & consultancy 

Access to a range of specialist ambient air quality testing solutions across governmental and environmental consulting sectors can help ensure your project is environmentally safe.

Our air quality monitoring stations are equipped with the latest real-time US EPA approved monitoring instrumentation, and we apply recognized best practices throughout the testing process. Our capabilities cover the full spectrum of air quality testing, including NO / NO2, SO2, CO, O3, Non-Methane / Methane Hydrocarbons, and BTEX, utilizing both continuous and non-continuous methods.

Stack sampling and emission testing teams specialize in CEMS/PEMS RATA testing, as well as routine process compliance work using US EPA, promulgated methods.

Air quality testing & consultancy services include:

  • Baseline air quality testing for EIAs
  • Process industry boundary monitoring programs
  • Meteorological studies
  • Statistical/directional analysis capabilities
  • Real rime US EPA reference method equipped air quality testing stations
  • Cost-effective techniques are also available in real-time for shorter studies or snapshot assessment
  • Basic diffusion tube services and wet chemistry testing
  • Direct measurements of ambient air pollutants
  • Odor monitoring and assessment using AERMOD, ADMS, and CadnaA-APL software
  • Stack sampling and emission monitoring

Noise and vibration testing & consultancy

As members of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), our experts can provide specialist testing, assessment, and modeling services in all areas of environmental and workplace acoustics.

Noise and Vibration Testing & Consultancy services include:

Environmental acoustics

  • Noise modeling using CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) software
  • Environmental noise and vibration assessments to support planning applications, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Permitting support and BS 4142:2014+A1:2019
  • Construction and Demolition Assessment
  • Industrial and commercial environmental noise investigations in accordance with BS 4142:2014+A1:2019
  • Road traffic, rail, and aviation noise assessments
  • Ground-borne vibration surveys and assessments
  • Acoustic camera surveys for problem noise identification

Workplace noise & vibration

  • Workplace Noise Surveys and Assessments
  • Hand Arm Vibration Assessments
  • Whole Body Vibration Assessments
  • Noise control advice and consultancy

Architectural acoustic testing

  • Architectural Acoustic Design and Testing Services
  • Sound Absorption Testing
  • Sound Transmission Loss Testing
  • Field Testing
  • Assistance with the discharge of conditions relating to planning permission

All of our measurement equipment is routinely calibrated by external laboratories to ensure the accuracy of the data and provide full transparency to regulatory bodies.

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