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Stephen Wigham

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Stephen Wigham

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Stephen has over 20 years’ experience conducting air quality, noise and vibration assessments for large scale transportation, industrial, commercial, and residential developments.

Operated by Element’s team of experts, acoustic noise cameras are one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the noise assessment industry. The camera quickly identifies the exact location of noise sources, can visualize noise sources, detect quality problems, and investigate noise issues on site. 

Acoustic noise cameras visually represent the level of sound approaching the camera from different directions. The operation is based on signals coming from 256 individual microphones mounted on a 1.05m dish. The high number of receivers allows for low-level noise assessments. The sound from different directions will reach each microphone on the dish at slightly different times. By analyzing the delays and comparing these to the noise from different directions, it is possible to visualize the level of sound from a given direction. 

Using an acoustic noise camera for noise assessment reports 

Acoustic noise cameras can be used to perform a range of actions for noise assessments, including:

  • Source location and identification of tonal sources for industry
  • Sound Insulation - highlights weak points in partitions and doors
  • Wind turbine assessments.
  • Noise breakout from buildings
  • Detailed noise investigations on site 

Whether acoustic noise data is required for environmental, road & traffic noise assessments, or assessing industrial noise complaints, our experienced team can help you resolve issues, comply with legislation and environmental permit requirements.

For more information about acoustic noise camera surveys, contact us today.

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Watch our acoustic noise camera in action

The microphone dish also has a wide-angle optical camera for recording live video images. The visual representation of sound levels can be superimposed over the top of the optical picture. Measurements can be taken from 0.5m to infinity, although resolution reduces as distance increases.  

We provide reports in a clear, concise format based on pictures taken with the camera. Movie files will also highlight areas of interest. Element retain all raw data files, so customers can revisit data when required. 

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