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Noise Impact Assessments on Eden Geothermal Heating System

Stephen Wigham

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Stephen Wigham

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Stephen has over 20 years’ experience conducting air quality, noise and vibration assessments for large scale transportation, industrial, commercial, and residential developments.

Element carried out a Noise Impact Assessment on the Eden Geothermal drilling project that is supporting the decarbonization of heat supply for the world-famous Eden Project biomes.


The Eden Geothermal is a project to decarbonize the heat supply to the world-famous biomes, commercial greenhouses, and other buildings at the Eden Project by creating a deep geothermal heating system.

The Challenge 

Drilling EG-1 (the UK’s longest deep geothermal well) to a vertical depth of 4,871 meters using conventional rotary drilling with muds. The project was to create a noise pollution management plan to surrounding areas and therefore required a precise and comprehensive noise impact assessment to ensure compliance with national regulations.

The Solution

During the drilling process, the Element team provided detailed technical acoustic input into the scheme.

Detailed noise impact assessments and predictions were used to inform the approach to noise management, noise mitigation, and the remote noise management system. Our experts utilized 
industry-leading noise modeling software – which incorporates meteorological conditions, local terrain, and other external factors - to determine the environmental impact of noise in pre-defined locations to provide precise and valuable data for the project.

The team surveyed construction noise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across multiple locations for a period of 20 months to assist in the protection of residential amenity of surrounding receptors. Ground bourne vibration measurements were also carried out in accordance with BS 7445:1991.

Noise Impact Assessments on Eden Geothermal Heating

The Result

Eden Geothermal plant became fully operational in June 2023, providing the UK’s first operating deep geothermal heating plant since 1986.

Taking the Eden Project off gas and demonstrating the greenhouse gas savings obtainable through deep geothermal heating. Building on knowledge of deep geothermal resources in Cornwall to unlock future geothermal development.

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