Fugitive emissions are potentially dangerous substances unintentionally admitted into the atmosphere by construction, demolition, manufacturing, and industrial facilities.

Fugitive emissions can be detrimental to the environment and public health. Short-term exposure to airborne particulates such as TSP, PM10, PM2.5, and PM1 causes symptoms such as shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, mild heart attacks, and eye irritation. Long-term exposure to the same fugitive emissions leads to serious cardio and respiratory diseases. Areas with high concentrations of fugitive emissions see more frequent doctor and emergency room visits, more common use of prescription medication, and more frequent absences from work and school.

Fugitive emission monitoring is critical for public health and environmental safety. Dust created from construction and demolition should be monitored just as closely as stack emissions. Partnering with a trusted testing facility will ensure your environmental compliance and give you peace of mind, knowing exactly what emissions you are producing.

As an MCERTS accredited emissions testing lab, Element conducts three major types of fugitive emissions monitoring.

Dust deposition

This type of fugitive emissions monitoring measures the concentration of particulates deposited into the air in one location at one specific time.

Active sampling

To complete this type of fugitive emissions monitoring, a technician will visit the site to measure the concentration of particulates emitted over a period of time. This type of monitoring is useful for testing the fugitive emissions of a particular event.

Real-time monitoring

This type of fugitive emissions monitoring measures the concentration of particulates emitted over a long period of time to collect mobile data and flag up an alarm if a spike in emissions appears. This type of monitoring is particularly useful for monitoring how emissions vary from day to day as a project changes.

Services and equipment include:

  • Fugitive emissions for specific events such as demolition
  • Odor monitoring
  • Dust monitoring
  • VOC monitoring
  • Heavy metal monitoring
  • High volume air samplers
  • Frisbee gauge
  • Osiris

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