David Lichtman has over 40 years of experience delivering product qualification testing to the global Aerospace sector.

Industry Experience

David started out in 1973 at East-West Technologies as a Test where he was responsible for the design & build of test setups as well as obtaining test documentation for technical review for climatic, hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

From 1976 through 1980, David attended the State University of NY and obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.

From 1980-1982, he became the Technical Writer for the lab, where he was required to interpret the raw test data, plots, and all other information obtained by the test engineers, into Engineering Reports for clients.

In 1983, David became the General Manager. In this role he was responsible for day to day lab operations as well as supervising the climatic, dynamic, hydraulic and pneumatic department operations.

In 2007, East-West became part of the Stork Materials Technology network of materials test laboratories, soon thereafter taking on the name of Element Materials Technology. David continues as Location/General Manager where he has many technical, staff development and commercial responsibilities. 

Project Experience

David’s most recent project experience includes:

  • Rolls-Royce XWB Full Fuel System Certification Testing
  • Airbus A350 ECS Bleed Air Component Design Testing
  • Boeing 787 Galley Refrigeration System Qualification
  • Boeing 777 Heathrow Accident Investigation Bombardier C Series Bird Strike
  • Boeing 787 Airpack Qualification
  • Aerojet RL-10 structural test suite
  • Joint Strike Fighter FADEC and CEDU Design for Life Endurance Qualification Testing
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