Element Provides Remote Witness Testing

David Lichtman

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David Lichtman

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David Lichtman has over 40 years of experience delivering product qualification testing to the global aerospace sector.

How can your projects stay on track during COVID-19? What types of test methods can be done via remote witnessing? What are the advantages of remote witnessing and how does it work?

Remote witnessing can be conducted on almost any test performed in a laboratory setting. It provides an engineer or quality inspector with the opportunity to ensure that tests are carried out per compliance standards and contract requirements. Element supports testing activities, configures samples and setups, and completes your testing without the necessity of on-site witnessing. Our experts utilize remote witness technology that ensures adherence to security standards, including ITAR, MoD, and DFARS. 

During this video, David Lichtman, Technical Director at Element, showcases what remote witness testing looks like for our clients. 

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