Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can be highly dangerous to the employees in your workplace if not adequately controlled. EMF exposure risks include cell damage, a decline in nervous system function, cancer, and sleep disturbances. It is now mandatory to protect your employees from these risks by undertaking an EMF risk assessment in accordance with CEMFAW regulations. 

The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work (CEMFAW) Regulations 2016 came into effect in the UK on 1 July 2016. As a result, all companies in the UK are now required to undertake an EMF risk assessment to assesses the risks employees face from exposure to Electromagnetic Fields at Work. 

The CEMFAW regulations require employers to:

  • Undertake an EMF risk assessment
  • If required produce an EMF control action plan
  • Identify any at-risk employees and ensure they are suitably protected from EMFs
  • Provide instruction, information, and training to employees on risks and controls
  • Provide health surveillance if at-risk personnel are identified

Element's occupational hygienists provide a comprehensive EMF risk assessment and measurement service that includes:

  • An initial EMF Risk Audit & Assessment – to identify all relevant EMF generating equipment
  • Measurement Surveys – to evaluate all actual EMF levels/exposures and compare to acceptable/recommended limits
  • EMF Advice – to produce EMF action plans and where appropriate machine or equipment zoning
  • Employee information, instruction, and training on EMF's in the workplace

Element specializes in providing our EMF exposure assessment services in such high-risk activities as electrical supply, welding, and metal production working and the use of magnetic or microwave equipment.

Surveys and assessments are carried out in accordance with the guidance published in the following UK HSE and EU documents:-

  • HSG281 "Electromagnetic fields at work – A guide to the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016."
  • EU "Non-binding guide to good practice for implementing Directive 2013/35/EU Electromagnetic Fields: Volumes 1 & 2."

Element offers EMF assessments to help you improve safety in the workplace. Please contact us if you have any questions about EMF assessments or requirements.

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