Asset integrity, or asset integrity management systems (AIMS) measures your critical infrastructures’ capacity to run effectively and accurately, while also ensuring measures are in place to prolong their life cycle. Energy asset integrity applies to the entire operation from design, through to decommissioning and replacement.

Element helps Energy and Petrochemical clients sustainably manage and maintain corporate assets to ensure that they are safe, reliable, and operationally efficient.


Challenges of Oil & Gas Asset Integrity Management

Wind, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical infrastructures are rapidly aging and approaching their ‘end of life.’ However, if appropriate maintenance and inspection are carried out, the lifespan of these assets can be extended, and save billions of dollars worth of damage.

Challenges such as vessel inspection and corrosion under insulation are frequent cause of shutdowns. In addition to this, maintenance is often not completed quickly or thoroughly enough; more accurate checks are usually required. It is essential that sufficient identification and testing are in place to highlight problems, such as metallurgy issues, thermal fatigue, and corrosion.


Energy Asset Integrity Management Services

Element provides a range of effective asset integrity management services for our clients, which are designed to maximize the reliability and availability of equipment, minimize maintenance costs and improve staff and equipment productivity from deployment to end of life. These services include:

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