Element offers advanced and application-oriented engineering services to help solve a wide variety of structural testing and mechanical engineering problems for the global Energy sector. 

These services include:

Our highly trained team of experts in the Europe and the USA has hundreds of years of experience in providing consulting and advisory services to the Oil & Gas Majors and their Supply Chain partners. From the R&D phase of a product or components design, through prototyping phases and on to production and service, we provide a full spectrum of services to suit your business. 

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FAQ: What is an Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA)

Our experts can help deepen your knowledge about Engineering Critical Assessment and its benefits by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. 

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Fatigue Testing of Pipeline Girth Welds

This white paper provides an overview of the approach and the variables that need to be considered when planning a test program to validate the fatigue performance of pipeline girth welds.

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Fracture Mechanics in the Environment (in-situ)

Learn more about the detrimental effect of Cathodic Protection, CO2, and H2S or other environmental parameters on fracture toughness of carbon steel pipe material.

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Featured Services

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asset Integrity management

Asset Integrity Management

Our asset integrity services within the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Process industry ensure your critical infrastructure is safe, reliable, and operationally efficient.

Fitness For Service (FFS)

Fitness For Service (FFS)

Element’s Fitness for Service (FFS) – AP 579/ASME FFS-1 services help determine if your equipment is safe and fit for continued operation to prevent failures, minimize risks and eliminate costly repairs.


Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) Services

Element provides Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) to determine if a flaw in welded structures is safe from brittle fracture, fatigue, or creep.

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Finite Element Analysis Services (FEA) 

Element offers advanced numerical analysis service using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques using industry standard software to predict the long term behavior of materials components and products when in service.

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Failure Analysis

Element has many years experience of assessing the failure of polymer materials and components, establishing the root cause of failure and delivering potential solutions to our clients.

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Steel Catenary Risers Fatigue Testing

Weld Fatigue Testing of Steel Catenary Risers

Element’s full-scale pipeline testing facility performs testing on steel catenary risers in our laboratory and on-site at the point of fabrication.

NDT Field Services

NDT Field Services

When employed at critical stages of the manufacturing or fabrication process, our NDE technicians work in the field to optimize production and ensure the quality of your finished product.

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On-Site Metallographic Testing and Analysis

Element offers a wide portfolio of on-site metallographic testing and analysis to monitor real-time component condition and detect potential or existing damage.

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Expert Witness 640 x 480

Expert Witness Services

Element offers expert witness services to legal and insurance firms to provide testimony with precision and expertise.

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Aero Structures Testing Services

Structures Testing

With a large suite of structures testing inventory, Element has demonstrated the capability and the know-how to perform most complex and highly sophisticated test campaigns over the last decades.

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Fracture Mechanics and Toughness Testing in Sour Environment (in-situ)

Fracture Mechanics Test in Sour Environment

Element provides in-situ Fracture Mechanics and Toughness Testing to improve pipeline designs and reduce the likelihood of failures.

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