Polymer failures can occur at any stage of an object’s overall life cycle. Whenever it happens, it can be catastrophic and sometimes result in high financial implications. Element’s polymer failure analysis services investigate the cause of failure so you can implement corrective actions, limit damage and prevent similar re-occurring product failures in the future.  

We provide a comprehensive range of failure analysis services to many sectors across the globe, including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Transportation, Construction, Medical Device, and Consumer Products. 


Polymer failure analysis services


Products and components we investigate during polymer failure analysis

  • Pumps and valves (ball, butterfly, pressure relief, bonnet, flow control)
  • Hoses (bunker, choke/kill, sampling, diesel & potable water transfer, umbilical)
  • Drilling and production equipment (compressors, plate heat exchangers, packers, BOP, subsea and surface test trees, liner hangers, well tractors, swivels)
  • Pipelines for natural gas and chemical processing (coatings, liners)
  • Miscellaneous (vent plug, burst disc, pulsation dampener, hammer lug union, pig trap door, dump pit liner, harbor fender, flange gaskets) 


Our polymer failure analysis approach 

We have extensive experience in aligning the failed component’s condition with its service environment. This is achieved by working very closely with our clients and gathering relevant data from the field, such as: 

  • Component location and function (engineering drawings)
  • Material type and grade (datasheet, part label)
  • Service conditions (fluids, temperature, pressure, duration)
  • Design conditions (temperature, pressure, static/dynamic) 
  • Previous issues with this or similar components


The Element advantage

Element’s state-of-the-art polymer test laboratories utilize proprietary  methods and analytical instrumentation to carry out the characterization and failure analysis of polymers. We offer many types of polymer failure analysis methods, including chemical, physical, mechanical, thermal, and elemental.  

With over 25 years of polymer failure analysis experience, our Engaged Experts can help you identify incorrect material selection, inappropriate product design, and manufacturing defects by isolating the root cause of polymer material failure and providing you with reliable results and effective problem-solving strategies. 

For more information about our polymer failure analysis services, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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