Although composites have been used since the first brick was formed, new composites are wonders of materials science.

Composite testing is increasingly crucial for aerospace, military, power generation, and transportation applications. By combining desired properties of ceramics, polymers, metals, glass, cellulose, and other materials, advanced composites protect spacecraft from the heat of launch or stop bullets as a layer in lightweight body armor.

Composite testing in the hands of experts

Testing composite materials requires specialized knowledge, experience and equipment. Element’s state-of-the-art composite testing laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited, and outfitted with the tools necessary for even the most sophisticated projects. Our chemists, engineers, and materials scientists will evaluate your composite samples to meet your quality standards or regulatory requirements, no matter how rigorous.

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Standards we test to

American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTM C190, ASTM C348, ASTM C482, ASTM C67, ASTM C1161, ASTM C1273, ASTM C1275 , ASTM C1291, ASTM C1292 , ASTM C1337 , ASTM C1341, ASTM C1358, ASTM C1359, ASTM C1360, ASTM C1361, ASTM C1366, ASTM C1425, ASTM C1468, ASTM D7291, ASTM D6415, ASTM D3410, ASTM D6641, ASTM D6484, ASTM D3039, ASTM D5766, ASTM D3518, ASTM D2344, ASTM D5379, ASTM D7078, ASTM D7136, ASTM D7137, ASTM D5528, ASTM D6671, ASTM D3479, ASTM E1640, ASTM D7028, ASTM E1545, ASTM E831, ASTM D3418, ASTM E1356, ASTM D7426

International Code Council


International Standards Organization

ISO 527

Suppliers of Advanced Composite Materials Association


Our Services

Element offers comprehensive composite materials testing services.

composite raw materials 640x480

Composite Raw Material Testing

Element’s composite raw material testing helps manufacturers understand the physical, thermal, and mechanical properties of the constituents used to create their composite product.

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Composite Autoclave Curing & Fabrication

Composite curing autoclaves are a useful tool for fabricating a composite material with the desired properties. Our experts are ready to assist with your R&D or quality assurance needs.

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fiber reinforced composite materials

Examining Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials

Microscopic and macroscopic examination of fiber-reinforced composite materials helps ensure the quality of the material early in the manufacturing process.

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ceramic matrix composites 640x480

Ceramic Matrix Composite Testing

Find out how Element applies its unique combination of experience and the financial investments we have made so far, to develop leading edge and repeatable testing protocols for CMCs in the Aerospace sector.

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mechanical testing composite materials

Mechanical Testing of Composite Materials

Element’s global network of composite testing laboratories offers an array of mechanical testing services, including compression, shear, tensile, and fatigue.

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Non Destructive Testing 640x480

Non-Destructive Testing

Find out about the range of NDT services Element uses to evaluate the properties of a material, parts, products, welds, or systems without materially affecting the integrity of the items being tested.

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TGA 640 x 480

Thermal Analysis (DSC, TMA, DMA, TGA)

Thermal analysis methods measure mechanical changes under differing temperatures and loads, and can pinpoint when and at what temperature significant thermal events occur.

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Tips for Machining Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Testing

The use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) is growing in many industries. As a result, there is a higher demand for mechanical testing and carbon fiber testing of composite materials. 


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