Open hole testing, also known as notched testing, helps composite material designers understand how small inclusions or damages affect the strength properties of their material. Element’s composite testing experts perform open hole compression and open hole tensile testing to provide critical data points for your material. 

In addition to measuring the effect of small inclusions on the material’s strength properties, notched compression and tensile are useful methods for modeling bolted or riveted composite joints. The analysis of these joints requires bearing, filled hole tension, bearing by-pass, and notched compression data.


Open hole tensile test per ASTM D5766

ASTM D577 is the standard test method for open hole tensile strength of polymer matrix composite (PMC) laminates.

Open hole tensile testing measures the force required to break a composite specimen with a centrally located hole. ASTM D5766 is a useful test method for simulating flaws in a composite material component and for generating data where the end-use of the material requires a fastener hole.


Open hole compression test per ASTM D6484

ASTM D6484 specifies utilizing open hole compression testing to measure the compressive properties of a composite specimen with a hole cut in it. The test method calls for the use of a side support fixture during testing to prevent Euler buckling, as the only acceptable failure mode is at the hole. 


Filled hole tensile and compression testing per ASTM D6742

The filled hole tensile and compression test methods are described by the ASTM D6742 specification. This method is the same as open hole testing, only the material is tested while a fastener is in the hole. During filled hole testing, the material typically withstands a higher force. 

The clearance of the hole, fastener type, material hardness, and torque may affect the material’s strength properties.


The Element advantage

Element’s global network of laboratories provide a wide range of composite material testing services. Whether testing to a specific standard or developing a custom program, our experts can provide you with accurate, reliable results.

For more information about our open hole tensile and open hole compression testing services, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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