Tensile Testing of Metal Products

A guide to understanding tensile testing and the standard test methods for tensile testing of metallic materials. 

Tensile testing often referred to as tension testing, is a destructive test that measures the strength and ductility of a material when subjected to an applied force. The strength and ductility of a material under tension are essential characteristics required for the design, quality control, and life prediction of metal parts and finished products.

ASTM E8/E8M describes the methods of determination of mechanical properties that define the quality of a material: yield strength, yield point elongation, tensile strength, elongation, and reduction of area. Knowledge of these properties gives manufacturers piece of mind that their materials are reliable and compliant with the required standards.

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This article walks you through every aspect of the ASTM E8/E8M test methods, including:

  • The test procedure
  • The test specimens
  • The test data