Composites are becoming commonly used in a variety of industries due to their light weight and exceptional mechanical properties. The mechanical testing of composites is important for understanding their strength and durability, as well as determining whether they’re fit for their intended purpose. 

Comprehensive mechanical testing for composite materials

To fully characterize the properties of composite materials to be used in complex environments, a combination of different mechanical tests may be required. Whether you’re in the R&D stages of the composite manufacturing process, require testing to maintain material quality and consistency, or require failure analysis, our experts are ready to assist you with your mechanical testing of composite materials.


Mechanical testing methods for composites

Element’s global network of composite testing laboratories offers an array of mechanical testing services for composite materials, including: 


The Element advantage

Our experts have a breadth of experience in industry quality standards and regulatory requirements. ASTM specifications are commonly used as guidance for mechanical testing of composites. 

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Our Services

Element offers comprehensive services for mechanical testing of composite materials.

Composite Fatigue Testing

Whether testing to a specific standard or developing a custom program, Element’s experts are ready to assist with your composite fatigue testing needs. 

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composite sandwich panel

Composite Sandwich Panel Test Methods

Element provides a variety of mechanical testing methods to evaluate the properties of composite sandwich structures, including flatwise tensile, core and plate shear, bending, and compression.

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composite damage tolerance

Composite Damage Tolerance Testing

Element offers a variety of test methods that provide manufacturers with more insight into their composite materials’ damage tolerance and resistance.

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Open hole compression 640x480

Open Hole Compression & Tensile Testing

Element’s composite testing experts perform open hole compression and open hole tensile testing to provide critical data points for your material and to ensure it is fit for purpose.

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shear testing of composites 640x480

Shear Testing of Composites

Our composite testing experts provide shear testing methods including interlaminar, in-plane, and v-notch to measure the shear properties of your material.

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composite compression testing 640x480

Understanding Composite Compression Test Methods

While there is no set standard for testing the compressive strength of composites, our experts can help you select the test methods that will generate the required result.

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ceramic matrix composites 640x480

Ceramic Matrix Composite Testing

Find out how Element applies its unique combination of experience and the financial investments we have made so far, to develop leading edge and repeatable testing protocols for CMCs in the Aerospace sector.

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Composites Testing

Tensile Testing of Composites

ASTM D3039 determines the ultimate tensile strength, ultimate tensile strain, tensile chord modulus of elasticity, Poisson’s ratio and transition strain of Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs).

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ASTM D3039 Composite Tensile Testing

5 Considerations for ASTM D3039 

Before embarking on a testing program using the ASTM D3039 testing standard, there are a few considerations to make, including the type of material, panel thickness, specimen machining and tabbing, and proper test controls.

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