Composite fatigue testing evaluates the properties of the material when subjected to cyclic loading over time. Element offers fatigue testing of composites so you can be certain that your material is fit for purpose. 

Test for Composite Fatigue Properties

Composite fatigue testing varies from fatigue testing of metals because composites fibers are oriented, which means the fatigue properties depend on direction, layup, and failure mode.

Generally, fatigue properties are not a critical consideration for fiber-dominated materials, as fatigue cracks arrest when reaching the next fiber. However, certain highly fatigued parts or structures, like rotor blades or propellers, are an exception. For these components, composite fatigue testing may be performed to better understand the fatigue life.

Methods of Composite Fatigue Testing

Element offers different test methods for evaluating the fatigue properties of composite materials, including:

  • tension-tension
  • tension-compression
  • compression-compression
  • bending fatigue
  • fatigue crack growth

Depending on the method, fatigue tests may be performed in-plane in the fiber-dominated direction, or out of plane with interlaminar loading to assess composite damage tolerance and damage growth. Our composite fatigue testing labs have multiple load frames equipped with aligned hydraulic grips for a range of load capacities to support the different methods.


The Element Advantage in Composite Fatigue Testing

Our global network of laboratories provides fatigue testing for a range of materials and products, including composites, metals, plastics, 3D printed products, and medical. Whether testing to a specific standard or developing a custom program, our experts can provide you with accurate, reliable results.

For more information about our composite fatigue testing services, or to request a quote, contact us today. 

ASTM International

ASTM D2344, ASTM D3479, ASTM D6484, ASTM D7291, ASTM D7905

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ISO 15114

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