Dynamic mechanical analysis, better known as DMA, is a powerful tool for understanding the thermal and mechanical properties of polymeric materials. Using deformation as the main variable for evaluation, DMA provides information about a material’s glass transition temperature and deterioration limit.

Uses of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

DMA measures the modulus (stiffness) and damping (energy dissipation) of materials as they are deformed under periodic stress. It can be used to assess the effects of temperature on a material, and characterize its physical properties. While DMA testing is closely related to other forms of thermal analysis, it is sometimes preferred over other test methods because of the clarity of test results.

Dynamic mechanical analysis can be used to determine fundamental transition temperatures, such as glass transition, and how that value changes with material formulation and conditioning. The mechanical response of different materials being considered for an application can be compared over the temperature range anticipated in service. For more advanced applications, DMA can include stress-relaxation behavior and creep testing.

Element Advantage in Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Additional Details

Element experts use Dynamic Mechanical Analysis to measure a wide range of material properties, including modulus, damping and curing, among others.

For plastics, rubbers, and other polymeric materials, which are viscoelastic and have mechanical properties that are subject to time, frequency and temperature, DMA is an effective method. Element experts use DMA to measure:

  • Modulus
  • Creep and Stress Relaxation
  • Film/Tension Behavior
  • Damping
  • Glass Transition and Softening Temperature
  • Cure Behavior
American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTM D4065, ASTM D5023, ASTM D5024, ASTM D5026, ASTM D7028, ASTM E1356, ASTM E1545, ASTM E1640


EN 6032

Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits


Society of Automotive Engineers

SAE J2253

Various Customer Specifications

SRM 18R-94, Sikorsky SS9152/PP101


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