The ability to safely and consistently hold a load for many, many performance hours is a critical characteristic for parts and products supplied to aerospace, aviation, defense, automotive, nuclear energy, wind power, marine, and other industries.

Element's expert engineering staff and Nadcap-approved testing labs hold the rigorous approvals necessary to offer stress rupture and creep testing to designers, manufacturers, and buyers of quality critical parts such as fasteners and other hardware. Element knows how to help you meet your standards and your objectives.

What happens in a stress rupture?

Stress Rupture is the sudden and complete failure of a material held under a definite constant load for a given period of time at a specific temperature. In stress rupture testing, loads may be applied by tensile bending, flexural, biaxial or hydrostatic methods.

What is Creep?

Creep is time-dependent deformation of a material while under an applied load below its yield strength. Creep is most common at elevated temperature, but some materials will exhibit creep at room temperature. Unless stopped, creep terminates in rupture.

Stress rupture testing and creep testing are specialized services that provide manufacturers with critical data about their product's performance. Element experts test your sample under a definite constant load for a given period of time and at a specified temperature, until failure. Loads may be applied by tensile bending, flexural, biaxial or hydrostatic methods, as needed. Element conducts stress rupture and creep testing on a wide variety of materials to both standard and customized specifications.

Stress, strain, tensile and high temperature capabilities

Meeting your quality requirements may require other added capabilities. Element experts can also:

  • Test samples at high temperatures up to 1800°F.
  • Meet accreditations/approvals requirements for Nadcap and A2LA as well as most primes.
  • Customize your testing program to your products' unique requirements.
Capacity and qualifications

Element applies Six Sigma and Lean principles and methods to operate our highly productive laboratories and provide cost-effective and accurate testing programs. We work with our customers to create customized and efficient schedules that meet their volume and turnaround needs. Our stress rupture testing and creep testing laboratories are continuously growing to provide the capacity our customers need. Element laboratories are also fully supported by experienced in-house machine shops that provide precise specimen preparation and fixture fabrication on all specimen configurations.


Services and Standards


  • stress rupture tests
  • tensile bending stress
  • creep rupture tests
  • stress rupture strength
  • flexural stress
  • biaxial stress strain
  • biaxial stress
  • flexural properties
  • shear rupture
  • shear stress strain
  • stress strain testing
  • flexural fatigue tests
  • stress modulus
  • high temperature testing
  • strain deformation
  • material deformation
  • temperature deformation
ASTM International

ASTM D 790, ASTM D6926, ASTM E 139

General Motors North America

GM9102P, GM9511P

International Organization for Standardization

ISO 898-5

Japanese Industrial Standard

JIS B1051, JIS B1053

Military Specification


Aerospace Industries Association - National Aerospace Standard (Metric)
NASM 1312- 9, NASM 1312-10

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