Element's engineers and technicians combine their chemical analysis and metallurgy expertise with broad industrial knowledge to deliver rapid, accurate analyses, reports, and solutions to clients from every kind of industry and agency.

Additionally, Element's metal testing experts perform micro and macro examinations to detect, identify and resolve specification issues.



Corrosion Testing

Passivity check, neutral and copper accelerated salt spray (CASS), immersion testing, humidity, intergranular corrosion, copper sulfate dip test, corrosion exposure, and other customized tests per your requirements

Metallographic Preparation & Examination

Conventional mounting and etching, vacuum impregnation mounting, replication techniques, photomacrographs, photomicrographs, ratings, and cross section examination of nonmetallic materials such as plastics and ceramics

Microstructure Evaluations

Grain size determination, heat treatment condition, porosity measurement, microstructural constituents

Micro Hardness Testing

Knoop & Vickers

Plating Evaluation

Plating thickness, taber abrasions, adhesion/wet tape adhesion, pencil hardness, cross hatch tape adhesion 

Onsite and In-Laboratory Services 

Element has the mobile equipment necessary to conduct onsite tests, including sample grinding, polishing, etching, and replication for laboratory examination

Photographic Documentation

Offering both digital and Polaroid formats

Hot Hardness Testing

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