With over 20 years of experience, Vikram leads a team of failure analysts and metallurgists, providing technical support and expert opinion on ‌Metallurgical Failure Investigation at Element's UAE region.


During his 20 years in the research and material testing industry, Vikram has developed expertise in material characterization, fracture toughness testing, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), fractography, metallurgical failure analysis, fracture mechanics, metallography, structure-property correlation, mechanical testing, technical leadership, and consulting. 

Vikram has in-depth knowledge in scanning electron microscopy of ferrous/non-ferrous materials / high-temperature metallic materials, metallurgical testing of materials, heat treatment of industrial ferrous materials, damage/failure mechanisms, and materials selection for specific end applications.

Vikram has worked on over 1200 metallurgical failure investigation projects on a variety of components used within petrochemical plants, oil and gas transmission pipelines, offshore structures, earthmoving equipment, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical plants, gas turbine engine components, steel mill, and defense equipment industries.

Currently working at Element's UAE region as a principal engineer and techno-commercial manager, Vikram leads a team of failure analysts/metallurgists and provides technical recommendations/reviews, approves failure analysis reports, and offers expert opinion/technical consultancy regarding the outcome of metallurgical failure investigations.

In addition, Vikram provides technical recommendations/expert opinions for heat treatment-related failures, fatigue damage in oil drilling components, hi-temp creep, corrosion-related failures for stainless steel and carbon steel components, erosion/corrosion problems, paint and coating failures, turbine blade, and heavy-duty roller bearing failures, etc., based on the outcome of failure investigation studies. 

Throughout his 10 years at Element, Vikram has gained experience in advanced SEM and EDAX/EDS analysis, metallurgical & mechanical testing, including advanced fracture toughness testing. 

Prior to joining Element, Vikram worked as a technical head (advanced testing decision), staff engineer, and managerial level in material testing, and SEM-EDS analysis of solid oxide fuel cells.


Career highlights 

  • Vikram developed the Center of Excellence in Failure Analysis at Element - Abu Dhabi Lab, where he established a highly engaged SEM EDS lab for the oil and gas industry (metallic testing). 
  • The Dubai Police contacted Vikram as an interdisciplinary expert (in mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, SEM materials characterization, fracture mechanics, and failure investigation) to provide failure analysis training to their Dubai Forensic Investigation team, where he was highly respected and acknowledged. 
  • Vikram represented Element on various international platforms like the World Police Summit (WPS-2023) as a distinguished keynote speaker in failure analysis.
  • As an assistant professor of metallurgy, Vikram has taught and mentored graduate students for a short time. 
  • Vikram is highly active on the LinkedIn platform and has more than 25,000 followers. He passionately writes technical posts and blogs and is appreciated by the technical fraternity on LinkedIn.




Professional qualifications 

  • Gold Medalist in Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering Specializing in Welding Technology.
  • Master’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering with Honors in Industrial/Mechanical Metallurgy. 
  • Failure Analysis and Prevention Training Program from NACE International (Credential ID NIGIS-22-05-9)
  • Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in Refining Industry from AMPP India Chapter (Credential ID NIGIS 22-03-44)
  • 3-Day Training Program on Industrial Corrosion and Its Control from ECS - The Electrochemical Society
  • "Coating Failure Assessment" - Extending the life of coating system from NACE-India Section" (Credential ID Certificate Number - NIGIS-21-23-04)


Affiliations/memberships/working groups/conferences 

Vikram is an active member of: 


Sector expertise 

Oil and Gas (Upstream & Downstream), Manufacturing, Offshore Structures, Automotive, and Defense. 


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