White Paper

Materials Testing: Choosing the right material for your application

Understanding materials properties and how they affect product performance. 

A case study on materials testing

Materials testing provides valuable insight into the material characteristics such as hardness, flexibility, strength, and chemical composition, which provides a better understanding of the behavior of a material when subjected to operating conditions. 

The data obtained from this testing can be used to improve product performance, correct vulnerabilities, and investigate failure issues. A profile of the material is also a valuable tool to support product development and innovation.

To learn more about materials testing, complete the form and download our free case study. The article provides a comparative analysis of two pieces of a new and old design component that were submitted for materials testing, exploring different analysis techniques, including:

  • Quantitative elemental analysis
  • Tensile properties testing
  • Charpy impact strength testing
  • Microindentation hardness testing
  • Microstructural examination

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