Thermomechanical Analysis, or TMA, is a method used to determine the thermal properties of polymeric materials. Using minimal force at a range of temperatures, TMA can be used to find a variety of thermal and mechanical properties, including thermal expansion.

Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)

In most cases, TMA uses linear coefficient of thermal expansion to detect changes in material properties and structure. A small sample of polymeric material is heated on a quartz platform, and a rod applies a small amount of pressure. As the samples gets warmer, the material expands and the rod changes positions. Data is reported as a function of dimensional change of the material over temperature, and significant milestones are recorded.

Thermomechanical analysis is used for a variety of applications, including investigative chemistry, research and development, and material classification. In addition to a material’s coefficient of thermal expansion, TMA indicates glass transition temperature, changes in crystalline phases, melting temperature, and other characteristics. While TMA can be performed on virtually any polymeric material, it is most effective on samples with a high coefficient of thermal expansion.

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American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTM D696, ASTM D3386, ASTM D3418, ASTM D3895, ASTM D4591, ASTM E1356, ASTM E1131, ASTM E1545, ASTM E1641, ASTM E831

Deutsches Institut für Normung

DIN 51005

Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits


International Standards Organization 

ISO 11357, ISO 11358, ISO 11359

Various Customer Specifications

PA-22, GM 9094P


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