Strain analysis (or stress-strain analysis) is a powerful tool for quantifying the changes of a material under the effects of various loading conditions.  This technique can be conducted with both physical and optical testing methodologies in a variety of working environments. 

In a stress strain analysis, we apply strain gages to your product to determine the stresses acting on the part. Components can be subjected to static or dynamic loading or other environmental stresses, such as load, torque, pressure, vibration, or temperature. Our strain analysis services help you make informed decisions about your product’s performance including strength, load limits, useful life and operational performance parameters.

Our Strain Analysis Services 

We provide stress-strain analysis and strain gaging services for products and materials in Transportation, Defense, Aerospace and industrials. From individual components and subsystems to full-size products, we support engineering designs, product validation, strain life predictions and validation of analytical models (FEA & Dynamic Modeling).

Our data acquisition and engineering support specialists work with you to create the optimal test procedure, developing plans for evaluating your materials and products that meet the engineering design criteria. 

World-Class Strain Analysis Capabilities

We can install and measure strain gages in virtually any condition, including low and high temperature environments and immersion in liquids. Our state of the art data acquisition systems allow measurement capabilities for over 300+ strain measurements at the same time.  Whether in the field or in one of our state-of-the-art laboratories, our experts are capable of handling complex and challenging projects, providing you with critical, real-time data in the field. 

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Benefits of Element's Stress Strain Analysis Program

Element's strain analysis and engineering services combine the benefits of supporting multiple programs while streamlining the testing and validation process.

Our strain analysis services can provide many benefits to your test program, including:

  • Computer Model Correlation & Validation
  • On-Site/In-Field instrumentation and data acquisition services
  • Six Data Acquisition Systems capable of 300+ channels each
  • Acquisition systems capability of recording real time data to supplement strain measurements including digital video, CAN & LIN bus protocols
  • Strain gage temperature ranges from -250°C to +1000°C
  • Application of any strain gage virtually any substrate including composites, glass, ceramics, steels & alloys
  • Torque strain gage applications both external and internal shaft installation with telemetry systems for rotating machinery
  • Expertise with over 200+ years combined experience in strain based installation and testing programs
  • Fatigue life estimations for structures based on the target service life expectations
  • On-Site support for both the international and domestic geographic locations



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