Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a thermal analysis method used to find phase transitions, analyze degradation reactions, and evaluate polymer properties. Element’s TGA testing services provide valuable insight into material behavior and characteristics. 

How does thermogravimetric analysis work? 

Thermogravimetric analysis is performed by heating a small sample to a predetermined temperature. The weight of the sample is constantly measured during the heating process, and changes in mass are recorded. Once the analysis is complete, our experts will review the resulting graph and note significant changes, including important transition points and deformations. From these results, we can draw conclusions about the material’s core properties.


TGA/DSC analysis

Our TGA/DSC is used for testing in many applications at temperatures up to 1100⁰C over a wide range of heating rates. This technique is particularly useful for the following types of measurements:

  • Compositional analysis of multi-component materials or blends
  • Thermal stabilities
  • Effects of reactive atmospheres on materials
  • Moisture and volatiles content
  • Collection of thermodynamic mass loss information
  • Identification of hidden transitions obscured by mass loss


Our thermogravimetric analysis services

Element performs TGA testing on a variety of non-metallic materials. Our polymer experts are actively engaged in testing and materials organizations around the world, and are up to date on the latest developments in advanced materials. We can work with you to determine the most appropriate testing for every stage of your material’s lifespan, from research and development to failure analysis

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thermogravimetric analysis services

Other Thermal Analysis Methods

Element offers a full suite of thermal analysis methods for evaluating the properties of nonmetallic materials.

Our polymer and nonmetallic labs offer a range of thermal test methods to help you understand your material’s composition, capabilities and limits, and more. Our experts can review your project and help you determine which method best suits your needs. 

Some of the additional thermal analysis services we offer include:

TGA 640 x 480
thermogravimetric analysis services

Standards We Test To

In addition to custom and industry-specific standards, Element performs thermogravimetric analysis according to ASTM specifications.

Some of the standards we follow include:

  • ASTM D3850
  • ASTM D6370
  • ASTM D6375
  • ASTM E1131
  • ASTM E1641

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