Paint and coating testing is a critical part of product evaluation for a variety of components and materials. Our Engaged Experts help ensure that you have the correct coatings for your products, helping them withstand even the most extreme environments.

Element’s coating testing laboratories offer a full range of services, from in-lab testing to engineering support to research and development. We can assist with a wide range of projects, including regulatory compliance testing, failure analysis, process evaluation, chemical analysis and deformulation, hardness, adhesion strength, material selection, consulting and more. 

The Element Advantage

Our dedicated industry experts are ready to help solve your toughest coating challenges. We can replicate extremes in temperature, humidity, pressure and more to simulate real-world conditions. 

In addition to testing to some of the world’s most rigorous standards, we work with our clients to design and implement customized coating testing plans. With a global platform of paint and coating labs, we can assist with projects around the world and we are also specialists in coatings for Oil & Gas applications, providing unique and specialized testing services for offshore and subsea pipelines, platforms and systems.

For more information about our coating testing laboratories, or to request a quote, contact an expert today. 


Our Services

Element’s coating testing laboratories will help you determine what test types are appropriate for your products. 

Corrosion Testing Services

Corrosion Testing

Find out how Element's corrosion testing programs can drastically reduce the risks associated with corrosion.

Abrasion Testing

Abrasion & Wear Testing

Our Engaged Experts perform abrasion and wear testing that will help predict the lifetime and durability of a material or coating.

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UV Testing 640 x 480

Ultraviolet Exposure and UV Testing Services

Element’s comprehensive exposure services can evaluate polymers, coatings, metals and other materials to a variety of methods and specifications.

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Salt fog and salt spray testing

Salt Spray Testing

Find out how our Engaged Experts conduct salt spray testing, or natural salt spray (NSS) to evaluate the integrity of a coating in a corrosive environment or to test the corrosion resistance of a product or material.

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Thermal Insulation Coatings

Our industry-leading coating expertise covers a wide range of applications and client needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we provide consulting, investigation and testing of thermal insulation coatings.

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VOC and SVOC Testing

We perform VOC and SVOC testing to ensure that your products are compliant to all applicable health and safety standards.  

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Charpy Impact Test Machine

Charpy Impact Testing Services

Find out about the complete range of Charpy impact testing services that area available from Elements worldwide network of accredited laboratories.

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High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Exposure Testing Services

We offer extensive services for the qualification and compatibility of polymer materials exposed to production fluids at high pressure and high temperature (HPHT).

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  • Paint and coating adhesion
  • Paint and coating film thickness
  • Flexibility
  • Film hardness
  • Color and gloss measurements
  • Paint or coating deformulation/material identification
  • Basic and controlled irradiance spray
  • Humidity testing
  • Cyclic corrosion
  • Immersion testing
  • Rotary and vertical dip/dry
  • Temperatures up to 260°C (500°F) (ovens) and 1100°C (2000°F) (furnaces)
  • Subambient testing to -100°C (-150°F)
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Gravelometer testing
  • Thermal cycling
  • Autoclave testing

Our team of over 9,000 Engaged Experts in North America, Europe, The Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa are ready to help you.