Thermal insulation coatings provide a variety of benefits to offshore pipeline systems besides temperature control such as corrosion inhibition, impact and abrasion resistance. Our testing services help ensure subsea pipeline coating performance throughout their service life.

Element’s thermal insulation coating testing services include a variety of mechanical (link), environmental (link), chemical (link) and ageing methods designed to simulate real-world use and provide accurate and reliable data about materials properties. Our oil and gas experts have experience in the lab and in the field, and can assist with a wide range of testing, consulting and investigative projects. 

Thermal insulation coating capabilities

Pre-qualification testing of factory-applied and field-joint coatings 
Simulating environmental and operating temperatures at sub-sea conditions
Short- and long-term exposure testing 
Insulation materials testing 
Hydrostatic water 
Validating coating integrity
Developing new subsea pipeline coatings
Determining failure modes and how to prevent them
Wet ageing
Water absorption
Pressure effects 
Ring shear

ISO 12736 - Simulated Service Test (SST)

Our labs provide wet thermal insulation coating qualification using the simulated service testing outlined in ISO 12736 (full-scale pipes with factory applied-coatings and field-joint coatings). We can perform long-term tests at pressures up to 300 bar, and temperatures down to 4-10 C (external) and 200 C (internal).

From pipelines, flow lines, components and subsea equipment and structures, our SST services cover testing of a wide range of wet insulation materials for subsea deployment. 

Our unique SST capability include testing two 5 meter pipes simultaneously, as well as other types of subsea pipeline equipment. 

For projects with other requirements, our experts can assist in designing and implementing custom or unique programs. 

Our thermal insulation coating programs are performed in accordance with applicable local, regional, national and international standards, including ASTM, ISO and EN standards. We also provide testing to industry accredited standards, including NACE RP0394 and others.

Our Services

Element has one of the most comprehensive ranges of materials testing and qualifications services for the Oil & Gas sector. 

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