Are you confident in how well your materials withstand the relentless impact of exposure to ultraviolet light?  Element's specialized UV testing services across the globe can provide you with precise data and valuable insights to verify your products’ reaction to sunlight. Strengthen the competitive market position of your products with our robust testing, for more informed product design, better quality assurance, and to address potential liability concerns.


What is UV Testing?

Ultraviolet (UV) testing, also known as Ultraviolet Exposure, light fastness or accelerated weathering reproduces the damaging conditions of ultraviolet radiation in a controlled laboratory environment. The exposure conditions use a combination of UV, and sometimes humidity and water spray to test materials and components for light fastness and degradation. 

Any product that has exposure to light - whether constant exposure (such as through being outside) or intermittent (perhaps indoors or behind glass) should undergo some form of UV weathering testing. Issues resulting from exposure to UV radiation can include color loss, reduction in gloss levels, cracking, crazing, chalking, blistering, hazing, or complete product failure in relatively short periods. 

UV testing is often accompanied by other test methods post-exposure, such as adhesion, gloss, color, and strength testing.


Key Benefits of UV Testing Services with Element

  • Diverse Material Expertise: Our experts specialize in conducting weathering tests on a wide range of materials and components, including polymers, textiles, and paint finishes, ensuring a versatile and thorough assessment tailored to your specific needs.
  • Integrate with Testing Protocols: Element helps seamlessly integrate UV testing into your existing product testing protocols, ensuring a streamlined quality assurance process for efficiency in product development.
  • Custom Project Capabilities: We excel in unique, custom projects, providing tailored solutions that address your specific challenges and requirements.
  • Navigate Regulatory Compliance: Element’s expertise helps ensure your products meet the necessary UV testing standards  and regulations for global market access. 
  • Streamline International Solutions: Element navigates diverse regulatory frameworks, offering standardized testing processes and consistent reporting for businesses with global operations.


Strategic Insights for Planning, Quality Assurance and Liability

UV tests deliver reliable testing outcomes critical for production planning, specifications, and well-informed decision-making. Our UV testing services offer a documented basis for comparison, providing detailed insights into your materials and products. Make strategic decisions with confidence, reduce potential product liability claims, and ensure your production processes adhere to the highest standards of quality. 


Gain a Competitive Advantage 

Our commitment goes beyond mere adherence. Element ensures that your products often surpass industry benchmarks by tailoring the testing process to your unique industry requirements. This approach allows you to benchmark against established norms, positioning your products competitively in the market. Combining this with valuable data generated from UV testing, you can market your products as superior in terms of performance and appearance. 

Daisie Lane, Application Sales Engineer, Element Wednesbury

Daisie Lane

Element's Application Sales Engineer 

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“UV testing is an excellent way to gain valuable data on your product’s performance, without having to wait years. To be able to understand the potential degradation of your product is beneficial in terms of product design and quality assurance.”

Daisie Lane

Application Sales Engineer

Our UV Testing Capabilities

Element offers comprehensive Ultraviolet exposure and UV testing services to assess material performance against damaging UV effects, including but not limited to:

  • Test with programmable temperature, humidity, and irradiance, including Xenon Arc, Solar Simulation, Florescent QUV, and outdoor exposure like Florida and Arizona
  • UV exposure testing in compliance with international standards, including ASTM, ISO, MIL-STD,  and SAE
  • Solar spectrum calibration, covering ultraviolet, visible, and infrared band spectrums, enhances precision
  • Advanced chambers such as Atlas Ci3000, Ci4000 and Ci5000, SUGA SX75 and Q-Lab QUV
  • Various filters available such as Quartz, Borosilicate S, Soda Lime, CIRA, and Xenochrome, to replicate natural daylight as well as exposure through glass/ windows
  • Pre and post-test assessments at various intervals such as Gloss measurements (60֯, 85֯, 20֯) LAB Colour measurements, and AATCC Greyscale readings
  • Mechanical testing such as impact strength and elongation at break
  • Paint finish testing such as adhesion and high-pressure wash
  • Interpreting test results and technical data and helping to understand their implications for product quality and durability 


Why Choose Element?

Element offers specialized UV tests for a variety of materials, providing with you crucial insights into your products tailored to your specific requirements. With labs available in both the United States and Europe, we provide a unified solution for businesses with global operations that removes the challenges you may face when engaging with separate testing providers.

Our commitment to adhering to stringent UV testing standards, such as ASTM G154, ASTM G155, ISO 4892-2&3, and MIL-STD-810, guarantees that your products meet industry benchmarks, helping you achieve a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

Our experts deliver unique, custom projects that simulate long-term full-spectrum UV. Actinic effects and have an innovative and adaptable approach to testing methodologies. 

With a proven track record, efficient resource utilization, timely testing turnaround, and post-testing support, Element is a reliable partner for your ultraviolet exposure UV testing and accelerated weathering testing requirements.

To learn more about Element’s credentials, please visit our About Us page. To find out more about our capabilities and how Element can help you meet your UV weathering and accelerated aging requirements, connect with an expert today.

Our Engaged Experts conduct UV Exposure Testing in compliance with the primary standards established by international organizations, including:

American Society for Testing & Materials - ASTM D1149, ASTM D1171, ASTM D518 , ASTM D573, ASTM D750, ASTM D865, ASTM D4329, ASTM D4587, ASTM D4674, ASTM D5208, ASTM D2565, ASTM D4355, ASTM D4459, ASTM D5071, ASTM D6551, ASTM D6695, ASTM D7869, ASTM G147, ASTM G151, ASTM G152, ASTM G153, ASTM G154, ASTM G155, ASTM G23

International Standards Organization - ISO 188, ISO 1431, ISO 4892-2, ISO 4892-3, DIN 75220

Military Standards - MIL-STD-810Society of Automotive Engineers - SAE J1885, SAE J2020, SAE J2412, SAE J2527, SAE J1976 

Other Automotive OEM’s - SAE J1885, SAE J2020, SAE J2412, SAE J2527, SAE J1976, Nissan NES M0135, General Motors GM9125P, Volkswagen PV1303, PV3920 and PV3930, Ford FLTM BO 116-01 and more.

How do you Perform a UV Test?

During UV testing, your sample will be exposed to controlled UV radiation (per the decided specification), often using a test chamber simulating real-use conditions at an accelerated speed. Lab technicians will then observe your material and draw practical conclusions regarding visual and structural changes.

How does the Test Correlate to the Real-World Survivability of our Product?

Because of the variety of environmental factors involved in real-world scenarios, such as geographical location or weather, it is not possible to directly and accurately correlate laboratory UV testing with specific time frames of real-world aging. However, benchmarks suggest suitable durations of exposure to ensure confidence in the product’s performance.

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