Element’s pipe testing services encompass a range of capabilities to assess acceptable flaw sizes and material properties, highlight threats to pipeline integrity, and provide an insight into material behavior when deployed in the field. 

Pipeline testing and expertise

Pipe reeling is a fast and efficient method for laying offshore pipelines; however, it may impose the pipeline material to significant cyclic plastic strains so it is important that the material properties, and pre-existing flaws are controlled in both the weld and parent pipe.

Working according to ISO 17025 compliant Quality Management System, Element provides dynamic and static testing and qualification services for metal pipes, components, and systems offering innovative solutions to improve pipe integrity in the Energy sector.

Element’s Engaged Experts have the thorough understanding and expertise to evaluate all pipeline flaws such as cracks, dents, defects in welds, and wrinkles. We can perform full-scale testing on a variety of components, from offshore to onshore pipelines, machinery or subsea equipment, serving customers in the offshore, marine, process plants, and transportation industries.


Full scale & pipeline sample testing

Our small scale cyclic straining and aging capabilities can precisely subject pipeline material to the strain history that will experienced during reeling and installation in a controlled and repeatable manner .


The Element advantage

Element’s state-of-the-art laboratories offer an unrivaled combination of full-scale pipe fatigue and small-scale cyclic straining capabilities to characterize materials more accurately and create more resilient offshore pipelines.

Combining our expertise in mechanical, tensile and thermal insulation testing with fully equipped testing facilities, we can simulate realistic deformations that occur during reeling operations in a full-size pipe, following by aging, sampling and mechanical testing to ensure that the structural pipe behavior meets the strain demands.

Our world-leading team of Engaged Experts are constantly contributing to developing new methods for pre-qualification testing of pipeline welding in deeper and more corrosive deepwater environments. This provides an enhanced understanding of pipeline reeling and improves the integrity of test data we can provide to our clients for the Energy sector.

For more information about how we perform full-scale pipe testing, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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