White Paper

Pipeline Indication Characterization

It is critical that pipelines are built to perform as intended and without failure for the Energy sector. When a pipeline fails, it is often something that could have been prevented through proper inspection and testing. Element offers comprehensive testing solutions and failure analysis for pipelines to help manufacturers and operators mitigate the risk of future failure. 

In this white paper, our experts describe the benefits of metallurgical studies completed on two pipelines where anomalies were detected upon inspection. The results were valuable to both the pipeline operator and the inspection company. They were made possible by partnering with a metallurgical consultant and laboratory specializing in pipeline failure analysis and characterization.

This white paper explores: 

  • Inline inspection of pipelines
  • Characterization of pipelines
  • Case studies
  • Benefits of pipeline characterization

To learn about pipeline characterization and its benefits, download our white paper below. 

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