Field Interoperability Testing (FIT) assesses how your wireless device will behave in its intended environments and networks. Testing your wireless technologies such as LTE, Bluetooth, VoIP, HSPA, GSM, etc. allows you to determine your integrated connectivity devices functionality, saving time in the research and development stages and granting market access to your products sooner. 

Element supports Field Interoperability Testing (FIT) for mobile device OEMs and the operator’s network performance criteria. All external laboratory testing is performed on a live network in the user’s environment to assess the device's compliance, functionality, and general usability. Testing is performed according to government regulations, industry standards, and/or to the operator’s specific requirements.


The Element advantage 

Element’s Global Market Access (GMA) experts have extensive experience in international certification and approval requirements. Our laboratories provide a broad range of testing programs to support you on your journey to safety, quality, and compliance. Our field interoperability testing services help you reach global markets including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. 

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