Bluetooth® is implanted in many of our day-to-day devices, from cellular phones and headsets to automobiles and wearables. For your wireless devices to display the Bluetooth trademark, all products embedded with Bluetooth® technology must conform to Bluetooth®  specifications as well as a fee to the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG). 

Element provides customized testing plans to reach qualification for your Bluetooth® devices, guiding you through the entire process from the design stage to product launch. We ensure your products are safe, quality, and fit for purpose, helping you reach a global market efficiently. Element can assist you in the R&D phase of bringing your product to market with compliance in mind and avoid costly mistakes or obstacles along the route to certification. 

We offer a vast range of expertise in wireless testing and qualification services:  

Element is dedicated to supporting the wireless industry with a single hub for wireless device testing and certification. For more information on how Element can help ensure market success for your wireless and Bluetooth® devices, contact us today.

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