Ensure that your radio and wireless devices use the radio spectrum as effectively as possible, whilst conforming to regulatory requirements. Element's experts guide you through the complexities of protocols and parameters for RF products. Our RF protocol and parameter testing can help prevent common issues like poor connectivity, signal interference and slow data transfer which risk customer dissatisfaction. From generating tailored test plans and carrying out pre-compliance investigations, to full formal conformance testing programs – trust Element to provide efficient solutions while adhering to your complex testing requirements.  


What is RF Protocol and RF Parametric Testing? 

Protocols and parameters are used in radio and wireless broadcasting to ensure that those using the radio spectrum follow certain quality standards, as defined by the various network operators. Testing against established standards and rules allows a large number of devices to utilize the radio spectrum simultaneously and promotes a standardized high quality of service for all radio devices.

RF protocol testing focuses on checking devices meet the rules (protocols) for seamless data exchange between radio devices. These can vary depending on network operator, application (e.g. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), data range and rate, plus many other factors. RF parametric testing evaluates specific performance parameters of radio frequency components, such as power, frequency range, modulation, and sensitivity. It ensures that individual components or systems meet technical requirements and perform within acceptable limits.


Key Benefits of RF Protocol and Parametric Testing with Element

  • Ensure compliance: Verify that your devices meet industry standards and regulatory requirements through comprehensive testing. This ensures your products are compliant and ready for sale in the market.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Dropped calls, slow data transfer, poor connectivity, and network instability can all lead to customer frustration. Testing against protocols and parameters reduces the likelihood of these common complaints.
  • Enhance Reliability: Identify and address potential weaknesses or points of failure in your radio and wireless infrastructure or devices, making your products more trustworthy for your customers.
  • Safeguard Devices and Networks: Reduce interference and locate any vulnerabilities in your wireless communication systems, ensuring the safety and security of your connected devices and networks.
  • Better Interoperability: Ensure seamless communication between different devices and networks, promoting a connected and integrated ecosystem.
  • Optimize Network Performance: Testing helps find the most seamless ways to communicate between devices and networks, for better capacity and efficiency.


Michael Derby

Michael Derby

Technical Director - Regulatory Approvals

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Identify Issues Early – Reduce Risk & Cost

Our RF protocol and parametric testing services streamline product development by identifying issues early, minimizing the risk of costly recalls and warranty claims. We ensure compliance with industry standards, avoiding expensive post-market support. Simultaneously, our streamlined testing process accelerates your time-to-market, allowing you to confidently introduce your products faster and gain a competitive edge with high-quality standards.


Informed R&D Decision

Making Our testing services provide valuable data and insights into the performance and behavior of your wireless devices. This information allows you to navigate the development and deployment process strategically, making evidence-based decisions that are aligned with industry standards. The ability to base your choices on comprehensive testing results enhances the overall quality of your products and positions you for success in a competitive market.


Our RF Protocol and RF Parametric Testing Capabilities

Parametric and protocol testing are not the only tests your radio device requires to enter the market. Element’s experts can provide a broad range of regulatory compliance services for radio frequency devices of all kinds. Please contact us for a more complete picture of the requirements and recommendations that apply to your specific device.  


Why Choose Element?

Our dedicated team of radio testing experts brings 40 years of experience in Radio Frequency (RF) procedures. We can offer support at every stage of the testing and certification journey, offering comprehensive RF testing solutions that cover more than just protocol and parametric testing and can be tailored to your needs. For our parametric and protocol testing services, we are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and serve as a Notified Body for European regulations. Additionally, we're approved for UK Regulations, a TCB for the US, an FCB for Canada, a CAB for Japan, and recognized under the IECEE CB Scheme.

Choose Element as your partner for RF protocol and RF parametric testing to take advantage of our industry-leading expertise and receive personalized guidance throughout the complex testing and approval process. To discuss your specific needs with our experts, reach out to us today.

Watch our training video with expert Rob Graham and learn how to prepare for radio compliance testing with multi-radio products.

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