Michael Derby has been in the product development and approvals business for more than 35 years. His present area of expertise is helping manufacturers get radio equipment onto the market.

 As a Technical Director in Element’s Connected Technology & Mobility group, Michael provides support on all topics related to radio equipment tests, certification, and authorization. He is responsible for new initiatives and growth within Element, identifying new opportunities, finding solutions, setting up new services, and training staff.


Michael started his career working with a manufacturer, helping to get their products onto the market, including the EMC test and approvals process. He then worked for a commercial EMC test lab in the role of Senior Engineer and a radio test lab in the role of Principal Engineer. He was a radio, Bluetooth, and SAR lab manager at a commercial test lab, while attending ETSI to contribute to radio test standards.

Michael then moved to regulatory approvals as a TCB for the FCC, an FCB for ISED Canada, a Notified Body for the EU RED and EMCD, and a UK Approved Body for Great Britain.

Michael joined Element Materials in September 2020. He lives in the UK and works in our North American, European, and Asian business areas, supporting our staff and customers globally.

Michael’s core skills include communication, problem-solving, and explaining complex topics. Michael represents the test and certification industry in manufacturing organizations and is a regular speaker at conferences and industry events. With specialization and keen focus on radio modules and using radio connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), Michael is the author of the EU’s guidance on Radio Module assessment and integration.






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