On-demand webinar: Getting up to Speed, with 5G – a Compliance Perspective

Michael Derby

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Michael Derby

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Michael Derby has been in the product development and approvals business for more than 35 years. His present area of expertise is helping manufacturers get radio equipment onto the market.

What testing will I need to ensure market access for my 5G device? What certification is required for 5G?

Industry expert Michael Derby provides a deep dive into using 5G as a tool to meet the latest demands of our world, how it differs from previous cellular generations and compliance of 5G from a test lab and certification body perspective. To help you gain marketing access, Michael will guide you through the testing required to get a 5G device approved and how those tests differ from the previous generation. His presentation includes: 

  • What is 5G, and how does it differ from previous Gs?
  • 5G in business and society, for lifestyle and IoT
  • Advantages of using 5G
  • Challenges of using 5G
  • Required testing for 5G products to ensure market access
  • Regulatory approval for the FCC and RED

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