Radio equipment requires a technical assessment to ensure it is fit for purpose and will not cause any harm or disruption to people or our environment. Element’s high capacity 5G test and certification services will help you expedite your product’s journey to market.

Approximately every decade, a new generation of cellular communication is developed to meet the demands of the day. As a society, our latest set of demands include faster communication with more information to exchange. As an engineering industry, this translates as greater data-rates, lower latency, and constant signal coverage. The pressure increases when medical procedures, factory automation, and vehicle driving all rely on radio communication. 5G testing can relieve some of that pressure.

The Element advantage

At Element, we understand the operation of the 5G systems, just as we understand 4G, 3G, and 2G systems before them. We understand that every business’s goal is to get your product to market as efficiently as possible. At Element, we have the knowledge, capacity, and experience to help you achieve your goal from beginning to end.

Our test labs are experienced and ready to assess 5G devices for radio transmitter and receiver communications, over the air (OTA) performance, immunity to EMC phenomena, and safety from hazards and radio frequency (RF) exposure to 5G signals (SAR). Our services include conformance and network acceptance services to ensure that your 5G devices connect to 5G networks.

When your 5G testing is complete, our experienced 5G certification bodies are ready to approve your 5G devices for a global regulatory market.

Looking into the future

Meanwhile, while you are watching your 5G devices go through the Element services and enter the market, we will continue to keep our eyes on the development of 6G and look forward to partnering with you again as we near 2030, the new generation of cellular communication.

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