The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/EU/53 places obligations on manufacturers, their authorized representatives, distributors and importers which enable CE marking of radio equipment, within its scope, for use within the European Union. Element can provide guidance on the compliance requirements, accredited testing and notified body certification services to help you achieve CE marking of radio equipment.

As an EU Notified Body for the RED, Element can perform an EU-type examination which is required when the manufacturer has not applied an Article 3.2 (spectrum) harmonized standard, in part or in full. Under these circumstances the manufacturer performs an assessment to generate evidence to show how Article 3.2 is met and then presents this evidence to a Notified Body for review. If the Notified Body agrees that the requirements of directive are met, then they issue an EU-type examination certificate that the manufacturer can use in their technical file. 

While it is a mandatory requirement to perform an EU-type examination when an Article 3.2 harmonized standard has not been applied, manufacturers may still choose to have the examination performed even though they have applied harmonized standards. Note there is no requirement to use a Notified Body for EU-type examination against Article 3.1 b (EMC) or 3.1 a (Safety). 

The manufacturer will present not only their test report but their whole technical file comprising of the following (for full requirements please see RED Annex V): 

  • a general description of the radio equipment
  • photographs and drawings
  • user information and installation instructions
  • an assessment of risks and how these risks have been addressed 
  • details of software that affects compliance
  • a list of the harmonized standards applicable to the equipment
  • test reports

The Notified Body will review the documentations to ensure that all of the identified risks have been evaluated against the essential requirements of the directive; and when the directive is found to be met an EU-type examination certificate will be issued. 

Our Notified Body Services 

Element also provides Notified Body services against the EMC Directive and Explosive Atmospheres Directive (ATEX).  

Our European Radio Compliance Services

European Notified Body for Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Certification services for Europe, Canada, United States, Japan and Global Market Access

Element’s Certification team provides Global Market Access services required for markets around the world including FCC certification for the USA, ISED certification for Canada, MIC certification for Japan and Korea as well as Notified Body services for Europe.

European Notified Body for Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Advisory services for the RED Directive

For those that need guidance on the regulatory requirements for a particular product, we can provide advisory services to determine the applicable directives, technical standards, and conformity assessment procedures. Our advisory services program discovers and fixes issues while components and products are still in the prototype phase, and helps smooth the process of final testing and RED certification.

More European Compliance Services More European Compliance Services
  • - Advice and guidance services (ESQ): gap analysis, test plan generation, training, assist with risk assessment, Labeling guidance, documentation review, assistance with technical file compilation
  • - Testing services: Pre-compliance testing, Formal radio testing, remedial investigation, fault tracing, test reports, EMC testing for radio products, Full product safety testing, SAR testing, RF exposure evaluation, MPE calculation
  • - Notified Body services: EU-type examination
  • - Continued support with maintaining compliance of the product through its life cycle
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Complementary to our extensive European Notified Body for RED Directive services, Element offers a wide range of related services to assist you from the initial stages of identifying a suitable compliance strategy through comprehensive testing programs, certification and assistance to deliver your product to the global market.


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Radio Certifications

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Global Market Access

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UK EMC Testing

EMI EMC Testing

Element’s global EMI and EMC testing services include programs for aerospace, defense, medical devices and commercial products.

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Product Safety Testing

Element is the ideal partner to help electrical device manufacturers, importers and distributors obtain the fast and efficient product safety testing and certification needed to trade their products worldwide.

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USA FCC Certification

Element TCB provides FCC certification services of your wireless devices for entry into the United States market.

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Element FCB provides ISED certification services of your wireless devices for the Canadian market.

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Element RCB provides MIC certification services for your wireless product to enter the Japan marketplace.

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