Element is one of a handful Registered Certification Bodies (RCBs) outside Japan that can certify radio equipment for the Japanese market place. 

Japan Radio Certification Requirements and Services

Element is a Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) appointed Registered Certification Body (RCB), also known as a Japanese Conformity Assessment Body (CAB); a RCB can be used for certification of radio devices which enables the use of Ordinance mark, which is also known as the “Giteki” or TELEC mark, on the product. MIC certification is required for certain categories of radio devices prior to placing them into the Japanese market place.   

Your equipment needs to be assessed to applicable Japanese Radio Ordinance Law and then the results (test reports) are submitted, along with other documentation such as schematic diagrams, bill of materials and user materials, to the RCB for evaluation.

 A successful evaluation of the submitted documents will lead to RCB issuing a MIC ID which is required for placement on the Japanese market.

Our Japanese Radio Compliance Services

Japan Radio Law and MIC Certification

MIC Certification process

As a CAB, Element will assess your telecommunications, radio and wireless products to ensure compliance to MIC certification.

After completing a license application, we will examine your product for safety, functionality and conformance, and issue a pre-license. Once this is done, the product will undergo a final inspection; upon completion of the inspection, a full license will be issued, and the product can be taken to market. Depending on the type of product and intended use, we can issue JRF and JPA approval certifications under Japan Radio Law.

Japan Radio Law and MIC Certification

Formal Radio and SAR Compliance testing and reporting

Our testing and certification program covers the main sections of MIC certification for data transmission equipment, Bluetooth, zigbee, WLAN, Wi-Fi, RFID, satellite and short-range devices.

Japan Radio Law and MIC Certification

Advisory services for MIC certification

One of the best ways to prepare your products for wireless testing and MIC certification is to test early and often. Our advisory services team work with your design team, evaluating prototypes and components to reveal potential issues and make simple modifications before investing in a full-scale product and final testing.

Our team of experts will handle the project for you throughout the entire process, from the initial design phase through the testing and approval of radio products and components. Element’s experts provide guidance on relevant MIC regulatory requirements before you reach the testing and approvals stage. Our goal is to help you achieve first time success and mitigate the risk of missing critical regulatory deadlines.

  • Advice and guidance
  • Pre-compliance testing at the product development stage
  • Japanese Radio Law formal radio compliance testing and reporting
  • Japanese Radio Law formal SAR compliance testing and reporting
  • Japanese MIC certification services
  • Testing to support your VCCI certification
  • VCCI EMC testing for Class B - consumer devices
  • VCCI EMC testing for Class A – devices used in industrial, commercial and engineering

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Complementary to our extensive MIC certification services, Element offers a wide range of related services to assist you from the initial stages of identifying a suitable compliance strategy through comprehensive testing programs, certification and assistance to deliver your product to the global market.


Advisory Services for Radio Products

Element provides guidance on the relevant regulatory requirements before you reach the testing and approvals stage, supporting you from start to finish - we ensure you achieve first time success.

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Radio Certifications

Element offers wireless and radio certification services for FCC for USA, ISED for Canada, CE marking for Europe and MIC for Japan.

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Global Market Access (GMA)

Element works as your Global Market Access service partner to help you navigate complex regulations and get your products to market quickly and efficiently.

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RF Regulatory Compliance Testing

Element offers ISO 17025 testing services to European ETSI standards, FCC rules, ISED RSS standards and Japanese Radio Law.

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UK EMC Testing

EMC Testing

Find out more about Element's global platform of laboratories to ensure that you have the facilities, technical expertise and procedures to ensure that your products comply with national and international industry-specific and legislative EMC standards. 

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Product Safety Testing

Element is the ideal partner to help electrical device manufacturers, importers and distributors obtain the fast and efficient product safety testing and certification needed to trade their products worldwide.

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Canada ISED Certification

Element FCB provides ISED certification services of your wireless devices for the Canadian market.

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USA FCC Certification

Element TCB provides FCC certification services of your wireless devices for entry into the United States market.

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Europe Notified Body Certification

Element offers Notified Body review and EU-Type Examination certification of your wireless products subject to the scope of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

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