Element is the proven leader in EMC and EMI testing compliance and certification. With some of the largest testing facilities in the US, UK, and Germany.

Our network of laboratories can support you with testing programs that deliver a full range of certification and validation services to meet your unique testing needs. From aerospace and military to transportation and medical device, we provide EMC and EMI testing for a wide range of critical industries.

Why is EMC testing important?

It is essential to test your products to ensure they meet the regulatory requirements, and to improve their performance. In addition to ensuring product safety and wireless coexistence, it is important to consider EMC principles in the early stages of the product development cycle. Considering EMC principles during the product design stage will also help you to reduce the risk of non-compliance and the cost associated with re-design.

Who needs EMC testing?

Most electrical products need to be tested before they are considered safe to enter the market. EMC and EMI compliance is especially important for radio and wireless devices as well as products for medical or automotive use where failure is not an option.  Products including medical devices, phones, and other electrical equipment all need to be tested before they are considered safe to enter the market. Element has one of the widest scopes of services of any EMC compliance business in the world, covering a broad range of products from the smallest wearable technologies and implantable devices through to very large capital items or even in-situ installations. 

Our EMC Laboratories

Our labs are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 (by UKAS, NVLAP, A2LA, or DAkkS), as well as a Notified Body for the European EMC Directive, Conformity Assessment Body for the FCC, and many other regulatory authorities and appointed as a Technical Service with the Vehicle Certification Agency

We support:

  • EMC advice and guidance
  • Pre-test capabilities
  • Wireless testing
  • Global approvals and certifications
  • EMI & EMC standards
  • EMI & EMC certification
  • EMC calibration
  • EMC test reports
  • Functional testing capabilities:
  • Radiated and magnetic susceptibility
  • Radiated and conducted emissions
  • Radiated Immunity
  • EMC RF Emission
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • EMI/EMC Shielding Effectiveness
  • EMC compliance testing
  • EMC pre-compliance testing
  • FCC compliance testing
  • Lightning testing

One solution for your multiple testing needs

With dedicated facilities around the globe and industry experience, Element offers the capacity to create a bespoke testing program with other testing and certification requirements to enhance process efficiency and reduce testing cycles. 

Our EMC experts deliver your complete program in a competitive timeframe, helping you meet project requirements and deadlines. From initial concept and to throughout the whole development cycle, Element works in partnership with manufacturers of mobile and smart devices, to enable faster market access, successful launch, and adoption worldwide.

For more information about testing services, or to request a quote, contact us today.