Understand Testing and Approval of Radio Modules in the European Union: The Radio Equipment Directive

A guide to understanding the differences between testing and approval of radio modules to meet the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

When seeking to get radio equipment approved for use by meeting the regulatory requirements, all manufacturers of radio equipment for use in the European Union must ensure that their products meet the requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED) under CE marking legislation.

The RED establishes the essential requirements for safety, EMC compatibility, and efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum for any device containing a radio, as defined in the RED.  Devices used for radio communication or radio determination, including radio modules and radios intended for installation into other equipment, fall within the scope of the Directive.

There are certain exclusions for radio equipment exclusively used for activities concerning public security, defense, or/and State security, such as military and marine equipment, as well as custom-built evaluation kits.

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Understanding Testing and Approval of Radio Modules in the European Union includes guidance on:

  • The Radio Equipment Directive
  • Meeting RED’s requirements
  • Understanding compliance from the installer’s perspective
  • EMC requirements
  • Legal responsibilities

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